2003 California Ski-Orienteering Championships Rules

The 2003 California Ski-Orienteering Championships determined who among our participants are the top male and female (single participants only) ski orienteers for each of the five courses at our ski events. To qualify, you must have the lowest placings for your gender on the same color course for two of the three California events at Burton Creek (January 11), Royal Gorge (February 2), and Bear Valley (March 2). There are no residency requirements and you must follow all the event rules while competing. If you do more than one course at an event, only the first or most advanced course counts (as determined by the Ski Champs director). You must use the electronic punching system, though allowances can be made if the E-punch units fail or you lose your finger punch. Ties in the final scoring will be broken by comparing times for competitors for commonly participated events with priority given in the reverse order of the events (Bear Valley times will be given top priority, followed by Royal Gorge times, followed by Burton Creek times). Participant status is awarded to everyone who competed in, set courses for, or directed at least two events in this series.

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