2003 California Ski-Orienteering Championships Results

Champions are those who have the best placings for two or more courses for a class. Participants are those who direct or set courses for one or more events or compete at two or more events. The final standings for 2003 are as follows:

CourseGenderNameBurton CreekRoyal GorgeBear ValleyScore
WhiteFemale(No participants)
WhiteMaleAntanas RagenasMSP1    participant
Karl Heins1
YellowFemaleTrinka Gillis1
YellowMaleGeorge Dreaper1
Lincoln Cushing2
Sunny Tam3
OrangeFemaleNancy Lindeman2211.5 CHAMPION
Vivian Lee1
Rebecca Redfield1
OrangeMaleBlake Heckendorn1131.0 CHAMPION
Doug Bass3353.0 participant
Elliot Delaye264.0 participant
Matt Holman645.0 participant
Matt Plummer1
Werner Haag2
Dan Greene2
Hiroshi Izuta4
Manfred Kopsch4
Jeff Lanam5
Jack Acton5
Bill Wright7
GreenFemaleDayle Lavine211.5 CHAMPION
Anna Brunzell1
GreenMaleBob Baylor4MSP12.5 CHAMPION
Bob Cooley7322.5 participant
Adolf Jocknick1
Francois Leonard1
Bjorn Widerstrom2
Eric Ramberg2
Sean Coady3MSP    participant
Finn Arildsen4
Rick Lavine(see Blue)5    participant
Jay Hann5DNF    participant
Jack Bowers6
BlueFemaleBrenda Giese121.5 CHAMPION
Yelena Krasnov1Course Setter    participant
BlueMaleKent Ohlund1421.5 CHAMPION
Dan Stoll-Hadaiya2332.5 participant
Vadim Masalkov3554.0 participant
Andrejus Masalkovas4986.0 participant
Thorsten GraeveDirector877.5 participant
Matthias KohlerCourse Setter1    participant
Ben Wahlstrand1
Alex Krasnov2Director    participant
Sergey Grushin4
Rick Lavine5(see Green)    participant
Tony PinkhamAssist. Dir.Director6 (unofficial)    participant
Juha Heinonen6
Vlad Gusiatnikov7

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