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Aug. 24, 2003
by James Wilson, meet director

Well, we had a pretty good turnout to help celebrate the club's 25th anniversary when we returned to the Joaquin Miller/Roberts park area where the club held its first meet a quarter of a century ago. White ,Yellow and Orange courses were set by Bill Straka, Green was set by Joe Scarborough (using the original red course from that first meet) and the red course was set by Ian Tidswell.

White was won by the team of Chris Berman, Katy Del Bosque and Suzanne Ezrre in a time of 20:40, and having done that they went out on Yellow as well for a good time of 48:15 - well done.

Scott Aster won the yellow in a great time of 23:07 ( and if I remember correctly he was recovering from an injury).

Gary Kraght took the orange course in an excellent time of 49:00. There were a number of DNF on this course, possibly the steepness of the Joaquin Miller hills took their toll?

We ended up having to void green the course because of misplaced markers, but congratulations to Bill Wright and Wes Erck for being the only two to complete the green course anyway. We had a brief panic when we thought the electric goat fence had been put around the first control, but in the end it was found not to be. To those of you who attempted the green course think of the stories you will have to share about it!!

The red course was narrowly won by Andrejus Masalkovas in 69:23 over Tapio Karras in 69:36, with Penny Demoss close behind at 70:36

There was a good spread of food for the potluck which was enjoyed by many of the competitors along with some delicious cake to help celebrate the occasion. Many thanks go out to all who helped by volunteering their time, I hope i have not forgotten any one in the following list, if I have I apologize and thank you anyway.

Thanks to Sue Scarborough for helping with the festivities, the cake , the potluck and control pick up.
Thanks to: Mark Prior and Dorsey for hanging controls
Vivian Lee, Vicki Woolworth, Ev and Jean Beuerman for registration
Judy Koehler and Cheryl Madson for starts
Harold Demoss beginners clinic and finishes
Scott Aster beginners clinic
Mark Blair, Steve Haas and Deron Van De Hoff for control pickup

Below are the results.


  Pl  Name                                Time

White Course

   1  Chris Berman, Katy Delbosque,
        Suzanne Ezare                     20:40
   2  Bong Macdoran                       21:03
   3  Heidi, Bryan, & Chandler Pay        30:22
   4  Emilia Haya, Alanna Casey           34:22
   5  Sara Danielson, Sheila Scally       35:30
   6  Joanne Leadbetter                   41:00
   7  Sonza & Bob Van Herick,
        Louise Venetucci                  42:25
   8  Robin Leadbetter, Vicki Woolworth   50:50
   9  Greg Burghart, Rene Paik            50:59
  10  Marilou & Jeremiah Sumagit,
        Tim Gravier                       69:10
  11  Eglute Martisiute,
        Gabija Masalkovait                70:05
  12  Anil Rao, Rashmi Nayak              85:00

Yellow Course

   1  Scott Aster                         23:07
   2  John Lunsford, Matt Henigrin        25:40
   3  Jill & Naomi Klinge                 42:19
   4  Kathy Devoy                         44:34
   5  Kelsey Wyatt-Mair                   45:30
   6  Klinge boys                         46:20
   7  Judy Koehler                        49:00
   8  Batcheller                          58:25
   9  Ev & Jean Beuerman                  74:07
  10  Anita Yerneni, Mitali Shanbhag      76:52
  11  Irwin family                        82:00
  12  Bob & Natassja Mills                89:00
  13  Clarence, Camoni                   104:00
  14  Philip de La Rosa, Leon Krausz     108:00

      Rob Loebl, Andrew Weaver,
        Mike McDonald                      DNF
      Alanna Casey, Smilia Haya            DNF
      Team II                              DNF

  Second Course

      George Minarik                      19:00
      Gary Kraght                         24:43
      Heidi, Bryan, & Chandler Pay        41:20
      Chris Berman, Katy Delbosque,
        Suzanne Ezare                     48:15
      Bong MacDoran                       53:00
      Sara Danielson, Sheila Scally       68:00

Orange Course

   1  Gary Kraght                         49:00
   2  Mika Salminen                       62:37
   3  Bjorn Widerstrom                    63:23
   4  Malcolm Wyatt-Mair                  74:00
   5  Terry Gleason                       86:17
   6  Pendley, Norris                     90:00
   7  Alvin Kerman                        91:00
   8  Leslie Minarik                      93:43
   9  J. Van Hoff                        100:07
  10  Bobby Poon, Nettie Ng              101:00
  10  Alan Hauser, Dave Shaw             101:00
  12  Bill Porter                        104:04
  13  Craig Spencer                      106:51
  14  Rebecca Hogan                      112:17
  15  Martin McDonald, Charlen Mighello  124:00
  16  Terry Pratt                        139:39
  17  Daan Rottoer, Mike Dove            156:39
  18  Jim Fish                           179:20
  19  Andrea Wuenschel, Rob Jerdonek     199:47

      Chris Lozinski                       DNF
      Jaakko Karras                        DNF
      Harry Gold, Albert Glancy            DNF
      Cheryl Madson                        DNF
      Trinka Gillis                        DNF
      Reggie Dugard, Camari Randolph       DNF
      Kirby Ung, Erin Keegan               DNF
      Jim Morris                           DNF
      Hay, Jordan                          DNF
      Jean Van Hoff                        DNF
      Terry Hogan                          DNF

Green Course

   1  Bill Wright                        139:00
   2  Wes Erck                           179:15

      George Minarik                       DNF
      Arwen Wyatt-Mair                     DNF
      Patty Clemo                          DNF
      Jeff Lanam                           DNF
      Rosemary Johnson                     DNF
      Robert Lewis                         DNF
      Steve Beuerman                       DNF
      Vic Revenko                          DNF
      Philip Hoare                         DNF  Lost punch card
      Justin Hobbs, Jason                  DNF  Lost punch card
      Scott Spears                         DNF

Red Course

   1  Andejus Masalkovas                  69:23
   2  Tapio Karras                        69:36
   3  Penny Demoss                        70:36
   4  Rex Winterbottom                    74:00
   5  Werner Haag                         75:44
   6  Deron Van Hoff                      79:00
   6  Bryan Williams                      79:00
   8  Bob Cooley                          90:21
   9  Vivian Lee                          90:42
  10  Evan Custer                         91:49
  11  Steve Haas                          96:00
  12  Rod Jaehn                           96:06
  13  John Lunsford, Matt Henigin         96:19
  14  Peter Graube                        98:14
  15  Mark Blair                         100:09
  16  Eric Rosenzweig                    118:34
  17  Ralph Pilley, Vaz Chapa            157:20
  18  Sergei Rodionov                    171:02

      Terry Szulsko, Amy Barton            OVT  (195:25)


      Mark Prior                          61:11 Helped set controls


DNF = Did not finish
OVT = Overtime
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