1999 US Individual Championships

Spooner Lake, Nevada

September 25-26, 1999

Lake Tahoe in autumn...the weather was wonderful, the terrain excellent, and the views of Spooner Lake and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains were breath-taking (and not just because the oxygen is a bit thin at 7,000 feet).

More than 450 orienteers from across the country (and a few from Europe) attended the 1999 US Champs, making it one of the largest orienteering events ever held in the Western United States. BAOC would like to thank everyone who participated - we hope you had as much fun as we did! We look forward to seeing all of you again next year at Lake Tahoe when we host the Sierra 2000 O-Fest on Aug. 1-6, including the USOF Convention.

Results & Other Neat Stuff

US Champions

Congratulations to all of the 1999 US Orienteering Champs!
	M-21+   Mikell Platt          RMOC
	F-21+	Angelica Riley        DVOA/BAOC
	M35+    Rick Oliver           BAOC
	F35+    Eileen Breseman       COC
	M40+    Kent Öhlund           BAOC
	F40+    Nancy Koehler         UNO
	M45+    Bruce Wolfe           BAOC
	F45+    Linda Kohn            ROC
	M50+    Ron Hudson            LAOC
	F50+    Gail Gagarin          NEOC
	M55+    Don Davis             QOC
	F55+    Miki Snell            NTOA
	M60+    Joe Scarborough       BAOC
	F60+    Linda Moore           NISQ
	M65+    Ed Gookin             SDO
	F65+    Ruth Johnson          NEOC
	M70+    Knut Olson            COC
	F70+    Margareta Lambert     RMOC
	M-20    Boris Granovskiy      CSU
	F-20    Suzanne Armstrong     SLOC
	M-18    Rey Solis             HOC
	F-18    Sarah Minarik         BAOC
	M-16    Ross Smith            CNYO
	F-16    Anneliese Steuben     BAOC
	M-14    Eric Menendez         DVOA
	F-14    Lauren Wolfe          BAOC
	M-10    Ryan Breseman         COC
	F-10    Rachel Care           BAOC
	M-12    Malcolm Wyatt-Mair    BAOC
	F-12    Katie Anthony         BAOC