Sunol Park

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Contact: Steve Gregg

Training session

The training at Sunol is still on for Wednesday, June 26. For anyone who wants to mass-start the course, plan to be ready by 6 PM or so. Of course if you want to go out by yourself later, that's OK too. (Try to be there by 7 PM, though). After I put the streamers out Wednesday afternoon, I plan to run the course for time myself before anyone else arrives. That means the streamers will be out by 4 PM or thereabouts. If you want to run the course that early, let me know, and I can leave a map on my car that you can pick up while I am running the course.

We will meet at the same spot as we did for the regular club event a few weeks ago. Immediately after the park entry kiosk, look for buildings, restrooms, cars, and perhaps some pink flagging tape on your left. The start will be immediately south of the wooden bridge over the creek.

I will have a grand total of 22 maps available, which looks like it will be plenty. Here are the people who have expressed interest so far:

Nancy L.
Rex W.
Wyatt and Angelica (maybe)
Doug S.
Trevor P.
Harold and Penny (I think)
Mark B.
Abby W.

I hope to continue the Wednesday tradition of going out for dinner after the event, although the nearest restaurants to Sunol are a considerable distance away. Do you have ideas about where we might go, Gary?


To get to the park, take I-680 to the Calaveras Road exit near Sunol. Go south on Calaveras Road about six miles to Geary Road. Turn left onto Geary and continue for a couple of miles to the park entrance. Pay the parking fee and follow instructions to find start.