Burton Creek Park

Tahoe 2-Day
Burton Creek
Friday, June 28, 2002

Contact: joeorienteer.com Joe Scarborough

The extreme northeastern part of the Burton Creek map may be used as a training area. You must stay north of the stream that runs from the NW tothe SE in this portion of the map. It is the same area that was used for training at the Sierra 2000 2 years ago. Joe and James Scarborough said they would be out there Friday, ?time, and could provide maps and may be hanging some streamers or controls. Contact Joe for further details if you are interested in doing some training in this area.

For more information and to reserve a map for the training area just send joeorienteer.com Joe an e-mail. Map pickup and payment will be on the honor system at the unmanned start as in 2000. Ribbons will be hanging Friday afternoon and probably Saturday morning.

Training setup and map printing by Scarborough Orienteering for a suggested donation of $2.00 or more to the US Orienteering Team.

Note: This is not meant as a model course in any way. You will be completely on your own and at your own risk


6/26/02 - I expect to be at the ski club parking area briefly at noon. Look for the white van with BAOC plates.

6/25/02 The target is to have the course and maps ready at noon on Friday but it could be earlier. Ribbons may be retrieved around dusk. See me or inquire at registration for Saturday morning training.

Reservations can be made until 10:00 a.m. on Thursday.

Future updates, if any, will be at http://orienteer.com/tahoetraining.htm.

6/24/02 Please do not leave payment at the start as originally suggested. Envelopes will be at registration and Scarborough Orienteering table for your US O-team donations after training.

The marked course will be something like a short Brown, about 10 controls in 2.87 km with shortcut alternatives of 1.93 and 1.28.

The course will be unmanned. Reserved maps with names will be at the start, 70 meters north of the trail junction as shown on the map (at website.) This map is the only guide to the start so you may want to have a copy with you. There will be pink ribbons to follow near the start.

As of 2:00 pm there are about a dozen sign-ups


From Tahoe City, go east on Route 28 to Fabian Way. Turn left on Fabian, then an immediate right onto Village Road. Continue straight onVillage past Polaris and the turn off to the high school. Village bears right, then take the first left onto Country Club Road. You may park in the Nordic Cross Country Ski area lot at the Highlands Community Center. The training area is north of the ski area and you can go west once you cross the stream.

How to find maps:

Burton creek training, June 28