Tahoe 2-Day

A-Meet at Burton Creek, Lake Tahoe

Official Event Director's Notes

Contact: Evan Custer, 925-254-5628

As of June 17, 2002 Only "day of entries" registrations are being accepted  |   Get the event flyer (PDF)

Welcome to this year's Tahoe 2-Day. This will be the third time that a two-day event has been held at Burton Creek State Park. It is a lovely area, and is relatively flat and technical by Bay Area standards.

Course Formats

On Saturday, there will be a two-stage short course event for advanced orienteers. There will be a preliminary event in the morning, followed by a final race in the afternoon. The afternoon race will be a chase start, with the fastest runners (as determined by the preliminary race) going out first. The other runners will start the same length of time after the first starter as they were behind in the preliminary race. The results will be based on the cumulative time of the preliminary and final. The estimated winning time for each stage is 30 minutes for the blue course, and 25 minutes for the red, green, and brown courses.

White, yellow, and orange competitors will have a standard classic distance event on both days.

On Sunday, there will be a classic distance event for all classes.

Short Course format. Starts will begin at 9:30 am with 2-minute start intervals, with the last start probably at about 11:00 am. There will be a remote start for the preliminary race, about 1.25 km from the assembly area. The finish area for the preliminary race will be near the assembly area. The "zero" time for the chase start final race in the afternoon is 1:00 pm for the red, green, and brown courses, and 1:30 pm for the blue course. To determine your start time, add the time it took you to complete the preliminary race to the "zero" time. Thus if it took you 35:30 to complete the green course in the morning, you would start at 1:35:30 in the afternoon. The results of the preliminary race will determine the start order of the final race. The final start and finish areas for the afternoon race will be close to each other, about 500 meters from the assembly area. While people are watching the runners come in at the final race and waiting for the results to be calculated and the awards ceremony to begin, there will be a free ice cream social near the finish line on Saturday afternoon, thanks to our social director, Olivia Graeve.


The map scale is 1:10000 with 5-meter contours for all courses. It was first produced in 1999-2000 by George Kirkov, with fairly extensive revisions this year by Zoran Krivokapic. The courses and control descriptions will be pre-printed on the map. They will be inserted into plastic map cases, but not sealed.

Electronic Punching and Start and Finish Procedures

SportIdent electronic punching will be used on all courses, including white and yellow, for the A meet. The recreational white and yellow courses will have standard pin punching. You must have a SportIdent e-card or finger stick to compete in the A-meet events. If you don't have your own, you may rent one for $2.00 per day, or you may purchase one from one of the orienteering vendors, such as Scarborough Orienteering, for about $26.50 plus tax. If you lose your rental SI card, you will have to pay $28.00 for its replacement.

Before starting on your course, you must clear your finger stick of previous event data by inserting it into the clear station until it flashes and beeps, which takes about 6 seconds. You will be called up to the call-up line at 4 minutes before your start time. At the call-up line, you will be asked by the start official to place your finger stick in the check unit. This is essential for us to determine who actually started. At that time you can obtain a loose copy of the control description sheet if desired. At two minutes before your start time, you will advance to the start line.

When the horn blows for your start, insert your finger stick into the start unit, proceed to the start triangle (where you do not punch), pick up your map, and begin navigating to the first control. You do not have to rush to punch the start unit, since the time of your run does not begin until you punch the unit.

At each control, check the control code, and if correct, insert your finger stick into the unit and wait until it flashes and beeps, which takes about one second. If the unit fails to respond, punch your map with the manual back-up punch. At the finish line, be sure to punch the finish control. Then proceed immediately to the EP download station, and when told to do so by the EP official, insert your finger stick into the unit and wait until it flashes and beeps. You will be told immediately if you completed your course correctly and what time it took. After a few minutes you will be given a print out of your splits.

Results will be posted periodically on the results line. Maps will not be collected at the finish. I think one of the great joys of orienteering is going over the map after a run and discussing the course with other finishers. However, you are on your honor not to show the map to anyone who has not started yet, even if that person is on a different course.

Control description sheets will be printed on the maps. Loose copies of the sheets for the Saturday white and yellow courses and all of Sunday's courses will be available in the packet. Loose copies of the sheets for the preliminary and final short courses will be available after you enter the start gate.

Start Areas

There will be 4 separate start areas for the 2 days. There will be water available at the starts, but no toilet facilities. The distance from the entrance of the high school (assembly area) to the different starts are:
   Start 1--Saturday morning, preliminary short course race for
            advanced runners and for the orange course, 1250 meters,
            about a 20-minute walk.

   Start 2--Saturday afternoon, final short course race for advanced
            runners, 500 meters, about a 7-minute walk.

   Start 3--Sunday morning, start for advanced and orange courses,
            675 meters, about a 10-minute walk.

   Start 4--Both days, White and yellow starts, 300 meters, about a
            5-minute walk.

Control Units

All controls will be placed on stands. The control markers will be about 0.5 meter from the ground. The controls will usually be placed on the side of the control feature opposite from which most people will approach.


Ribbons will be awarded for the top 3 finishers in all classes for both days. In addition, medals will be awarded by the club to the junior classes (M20 and F20 and younger). Scarborough Orienteering is also sponsoring medals for the top 3 finishers in the M21 and F21 classes. The awards ceremony will begin as close to 3:00 pm on Saturday, June 29th, and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 30th, as possible.


The biggest hazard at this event is probably the altitude. You will be competing at 6200 feet. One of the best ways to decrease some of the effects of high altitude is to stay hydrated throughout the competition. Start drinking water about 1 hour before your start, and drink water at all of the water stops. If it is warm, it is even more important to stay hydrated. There are no rattlesnakes or poison oak. Bears are occasionally seen but they usually are not aggressive. Be alert for mountain bike riders on the trails. The safety bearing is south until you reach a residential area or Highway 28.


Whistles must be carried by all competitors. If you do not have a whistle, ask for one at registration at no charge.

First Aid

First aid will be available near the finish line. The nearest hospital with an emergency room is the Tahoe Forest Hospital in Truckee. To reach the hospital, turn left onto Polaris Road as you leave the school parking lot. Take the first right onto Old Mill Road. At the stop sign, turn right onto Route 28, Lake Blvd. Go through Tahoe City, and at the traffic light, continue straight onto Route 89 North towards Truckee. Go about 13 miles. In Truckee, go under the I-80 freeway, and at the T-intersection, turn right onto Donner Pass Road. Go about 4 blocks. Tahoe City Hospital is on the right.


There will be two portable toilets in the parking lot of the high school for use of orienteers. The high school toilets most likely will not be available for our use. There are not toilet facilities at the start areas.


Childcare will be provided as a parent cooperative effort. Angelica and Wyatt Riley are the childcare coordinators. No formal paid childcare will be available.

Dinner and T-shirt

This will be a "bare bones" event, with no formal Saturday night dinner or T shirt.

Tahoe Orienteering Club

If you live in the Reno/Tahoe area and would like to have more local orienteering events, please see Dan Stoll-Hadayia near the recreational finish on Saturday or call him at (775)333-5234. He is hoping to start a Tahoe chapter of BAOC.

Directions to Event Site

From Tahoe City, go east on Route 28, North Lake Boulevard. Go about 2 miles toward Dollar Point, turn left onto Fabian Way (there is a 7-11 on the south side of the highway), then an immediate right onto Village Road. Turn left at the 3rd intersection onto Polaris Drive, and go to the end of the street and follow signs for parking at the North Tahoe High School.


There is free parking in the North Tahoe High School parking lot. In addition, you may park on the streets near the school.


Event Director:  Evan Custer
Asst. Event Directors:  Harold and Penny DeMoss
Course setters:  Evan Custer, Jay Hann, Dwight Freund
Vetters:  Bob Cooley, Jay Hann, Evan Custer, Barbara Sutherland
Map Production:  Bob Cooley
Registrar:  Steve Beuerman
Recreational Registration:  Ev and Jean Beuerman
Start Assignments:  Dennis Wildfogel
Start Chief:  Chuck Spalding
Finish Chief:  Dan Greene
Signage and Equipment:  Mark Blair
Construction:  Harold and Penny DeMoss
Electronic-Punching Chief:  Robert Lewis
Child-Care Coordinators:  Wyatt and Angelica Riley
Event Flyer:  Tony Pinkham
Publicity:  Lucy duPertuis
Webmaster:  Andrew Masalkovas
Beginner's Clinics and Greeters:  Abby Wolfe
First Aid:  Joan Roos, Karen Sessler, M.D., David Ingram
Search and Rescue:  Bill Straka
Awards:  Leslie and George Minarik
Social and Hospitality:  Olivia Graeve and Nancy Lindeman
Jury:  Joe Scarborough
Control Pickup:  Harold and Penny DeMoss
Evan Custer
Voice: 1-925-254-5628
Fax:   1-925-254-5961
18 Bobolink Road, Orinda, CA 94563-1706