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Event Announcement Archive (2024)

The Bay Area Orienteering Club has been holding orienteering events for many years, and this archive of pre-event announcements comes in handy for planning future events. The announcements for recent years are stored on our wiki, and can be viewed below by selecting the year and pressing the reload button (or by following these links: 2024 (, 2023 (, 2022 (, 2021 (, 2020 (, 2019 (, 2018 (, 2017 (, 2016 (, 2015 (, 2014 (, 2013 (, 2012 (, 2011 (, 2010 (, 2009 (, 2008 (, 2007 (, 2006 (, 2005 (

Even older event announcements for the following years are stored in their original format: 2004 (, 2003 (, 2002 (, 2001 (, 2000 (, 1999 (, 1998 (

Please be aware that links to external web sites or email addresses may be out of date. The formatting of the pages varies, due to the fact that this web site has undergone a number of cosmetic changes over the years. If you know the name of the park where the event was held, but not the date, it may be easier to find by using the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this page.


Date Event Name,
Type, and Notes
Event Director
or Contact
Course Setter(s)
Jan. 12 - 15 Georgia Navigator Cup; Cartersville, GA Georgia Orienteering Club (GAOC)
A; Popular annual event; Red Top Mtn (new map); Friday Middle-distance NRE, 2-Day Classic NRE Saturday & Sunday, Extreme-O on Monday (entry deadlines: Jan. 5 & 10)
Jan. 13 - 15 Anza-Borrego Desert Orienteering Festival; Borrego Springs, CA San Diego Orienteering (SDO)
B; THE EVENT IS SOLD OUT! Saturday: 1/3/6-hour Rogaine-style Adventure Trek; Sunday AM: 7-course Middle in the "maze" canyons; Sunday evening: mass-start Goat; Monday: NRE Classic on varied terrain (entry limit of 250 has been reached!)
Jan. 20
Go Wild! Lime Ridge; Walnut Creek, CA - 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
2-hour Map Adventure: Enjoy a trail & wilderness scramble among the majestic oaks, quarries, & grasslands of Lime Ridge Open Space. Teams of 1-5 use a custom map to find up to 20 checkpoints in 2 hours. Preregister for lower fees. (Not a BAOC event.)
Jan. 26 - Feb. 6 Oceania Sprint Orienteering Championship; New Plymouth & Auckland, New Zealand
A; 4 races the 1st weekend near New Plymouth: Oceania KO sprint & relay champs; the following weekend in Auckland will have the Triple Crown: 3 races, the first being the Oceania Sprint Championship; all are WREs (entry deadline Jan. 5)
Jan. 28
Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch County Park
Gilroy, CA
- 650.906.9672 Theo Verhoeven,
Tom de Vre
B; Standard 7-course event for beginners through advanced; back at the Coyote Lake side of the park as in previous years; beginners are welcome and can learn about orienteering at free Beginner Clinics
Feb. 6
BAOC Casual Forum
Video Conference
- 669.264.4761
All club members are very welcome. This will be an informal forum on Zoom from 8–9 pm — the goal is to provide a space to brainstorm ideas and chat with other club members. We will forward any popular suggestions to the Board to consider.
Feb. 10
I Left My Heart in San Francisco 5K, 10K, 2-Hour Scramble
San Francisco, CA
- 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
Valentine-themed adventure: About 24 Hearts sculptures are scattered around scenic spots in San Francisco's downtown, South of Market, and Mission Bay neighborhoods. Teams of 1-5 will find them on the 5K, 10K, or 2-hour Scramble. (Not a BAOC event)
Feb. 11
Calero County Park
San Jose, CA
- 707.567.3496 John Richardson
B; Standard, 7-course, Classic-distance event for beginners through advanced orienteers; beginners are welcome and can learn about orienteering at free Beginner Clinics (unlike last year, this will NOT be a National Ranking Event [NRE])
Feb. 17 - 18 WIOL Championships & Relay; Auburn & Mercer Island, WA Cascade Orienteering Club (COC)
B; NOT NREs; Saturday: Campus/forest event at Green River College, Auburn; Sunday: Relay event at Luther Burbank Park, Mercer Island; both events are open to all; Pre-registration is required — no registration at the events (entry deadline Feb. 14)
Feb. 25
Browns Valley Open Space Preserve
Vacaville, CA
- 510.681.6181 Richard Thorsted
B; Our second visit to this new map of a "smaller Morgan Territory", with bigger rocks and fewer trees, will offer the standard 7 courses, from Beginner to Advanced; beginners are welcome and can learn about orienteering at free Beginner Clinics
Mar. 2 - 10 Southwest Spring Week (SWSW) 2024; Tucson, AZ Tucson Orienteering Club (TSN)
B; Popular multi-day event in southern Arizona with a variety of events from Sprints to 3-hr Rogaine (but no NREs) (entry deadlines: Tucson events: February 28; Phoenix events: March 1 & 7)
Mar. 9
Westbrae Find-Your-Way 5K & 10K
Berkeley, CA
- 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
Discover the parks, scenery, decor, & history of West Berkeley’s “Westbrae” neighborhood. Choose 5k or 10k challenge, find up to 30 checkpoints, navigate with a custom map, answer simple questions. Preregister for lower fees (Not a BAOC event)
Mar. 14
BAOC Board Meeting
Video Conference
- 925.516.7622,
- 650.906.9672
Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors; 8:00 PM; all club members are welcome
Mar. 17
Joseph D. Grant County Park
San Jose, CA
- 650.941.8251 Tac Sugiyama,
Derek Maclean
B; Standard 7 courses, plus a "Silver" option, for beginners through advanced; free introductory instruction for beginners, who are very welcome
Mar. 22 - 24 2024 OUSA Junior Nationals; near Moses Lake, WA Cascade Orienteering Club (COC)
A; Friday: Middle-distance NRE at Frenchman Coulee; Saturday: 2024 Junior Nationals Day 1, Classic NRE at Bishop Recreation Area; Sunday: 2024 Junior Nationals Day 2, Classic NRE at Quincy Lakes South (no on-site reg., entry deadlines: March 4 & 15)
Apr. 5 - 7 Flying Pig XXVI — 2024 U.S. Masters Nationals; Cincinnati, OH Orienteering Club of Cincinnati (OCIN)
A; Team Trials for JWOC & WUOC teams; Fri. Middle-distance event 15 mi NE of Cincinnati; Sat./Sun. 2-day combined-time Classic events 35 mi NNW of Cincinnati; Great American Eclipse (total solar eclipse) on Mon., April 8 (entry deadline March 26)
Apr. 13 - 14 44th Annual West Point NRE; West Point, NY U.S. Military Academy Orienteering Club (USMAOC)
A; 2-day combined-time Classic NRE (entry deadline April 9)
Apr. 13
Almaden Find-Your-Way 5K & 10K; San Jose, CA - 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
Discover quirks & wonders of San Jose's Almaden neighborhood: parks, scenery, decor, & history. Choose 5k or 10k challenge, find up to 30 checkpoints, navigate with a custom map, answer simple questions. Preregister for lower fees (Not a BAOC event)
Apr. 20
Mississippi Bar
Fair Oaks, CA
- 530.919.3160
Gold Country Orienteers (GCO)
Dan Rathbun (GCO)
C; Score-O event: Find as many checkpoints you can within the time limit, individually or as a team
Apr. 21
Long Island Classic; Huntington, NY Hudson Valley Orienteering (HVO)
A; 1-day NRE event on a new map in Caumsett State Park; all standard OUSA competitive courses & classes will be offered; model course on April 20; NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION for competitive classes (entry deadlines: April 12 & 18 at 11 AM EDT)
Apr. 27
Old Town Sacramento Find-Your-Way 5K, 10K; Sacramento, CA - 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
Discover the quirks & wonders of Sacramento's old town & surroundings. Choose a 5K or 10K challenge to find up to 30 checkpoints, using a custom map to navigate, answering a simple question at each one. Preregister for lower fees (Not a BAOC event)
Apr. 28
BAOC Annual General Meeting
Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, Richmond, CA
- 925.516.7622,
- 669.264.4761
Annual membership meeting and election of officers
Apr. 28
Point Pinole Regional Shoreline
Richmond, CA
- 510.407.1876 Steve Gregg
C; Five courses for beginners through advanced; free introductory instruction for beginners, who are very welcome; the BAOC 2024 AGM will be held at this event
May. 5
Indian Valley College
Novato, CA
- 415.895.6039 Petra Sundstrom
B; Orienteering returns to the verdant hills around the Indian Valley College campus after a 7-year hiatus, with a new map; there will be the standard 7 courses (White through Blue); free introductory instruction for beginners, who are very welcome
May. 11
2024 Sprint WOC Team Trials; UConn, Storrs, CT Western Connecticut Orienteering Club (WCOC)
A; Morning individual Sprint, afternoon mass-start one-man Relay; non-Team-Trial participants will run individual Sprint courses, but NOT NREs (entry deadline: May 1)
May. 18 - 26 World Orienteering Week (international)
During this week every orienteering event — local club training, smaller competition to bigger event — will count as a WOW event, with the objective of spreading the sport of orienteering around the world
May. 18
San Mateo Find-Your-Way 5K & 10K; San Mateo, CA - 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
Discover quirks & wonders of San Mateo's downtown & neighborhoods: parks, scenery, decor & history. Choose 5K or 10K challenge, find up to 30 checkpoints, navigate with custom map, answer simple questions. Preregister to save money (Not a BAOC event)
May. 19
Sacramento Bar
Fair Oaks, CA
- 916.717.8570
Gold Country Orienteers (GCO)
Kyle Polak (GCO)
B; Point-to-point courses for beginner (White & Yellow), intermediate (Orange), and advanced (Brown & Red) orienteers; classic punch cards & pin punches; max. time is 2 hours; note the "early" closing times: reg. @ 10:30; starts @ 11:00; courses @ 1:00
May. 25 - 27 Sprint San Diego; San Diego, CA - 415.359.4237
San Diego Orienteering (SDO)
Rex Winterbottom
C; SDO is hosting a sprint weekend in the San Diego area on Memorial Day weekend; standard Sprints on Saturday & Sunday mornings, chase Sprints in the afternoons; "longer park race" on Monday; all new maps; max 75 entries (entry deadline May 21 at 10PM)