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Placing E-Punch Units On Stands

It’s best to first push the stand into the ground, and then attach the E-Punch unit. Pushing down on the unit while it is in the stand has caused the LCD to break. If you have to move the control, remember to remove the unit from the stand and start over.

The BSF-8 blue units clip into the stands with plastic brackets on top. Place the top of the unit in the bracket, and then press firmly down on the bottom to clip it securely into the stand.

The BSF-7 units are used with U-shaped stands with Velcro attached to them. Note, however, that the Velcro has weakened over time. Thus, it is best to secure the unit with a couple of stout rubber bands over the control and stand.

The control bag can be tied to the stand (e.g., put the bag strings across the stand before attaching the unit) or hung from an adjacent tree or shrub.

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