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What Should I Bring?

The only piece of equipment you really need to go orienteering is your brain. However, the following may also be useful:

Note that you should not bring a GPS unit. Orienteering is a map reading exercise, and GPS is neither used nor allowed. There are no coordinates on the map, so a GPS unit wouldn't be useful anyway.

Should I Bring My Dog?

Taking your dog for a run on your orienteering course may seem like a great way to exercise the dog and have fun. However, experience has shown that dogs and competitive orienteering are generally incompatible. For this reason BAOC discourages dogs on most orienteering courses.

If you are a recreational orienteer on a beginning-level (White) course that stays on trails, bringing the family pet may be appropriate if park regulations allow it, the dog is used to crowds, and you are planning to walk, rather than run or jog. Dogs may also be appropriate at urban orienteering settings, such as city streets, city parks, and school campuses. Please use common sense. If in doubt, check with the event director before the event to discuss your particular situation.