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Golden Gate Park

Recreational Courses
     California Orienteering Festival, Stage 2
     Western States Orienteering Championships, Day 2

Date: (Tue.) Jul. 18, 2023
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setter: Andrew Masalkov
Type: A; All are welcome, including beginners; NRE Middle-distance event in urban park; California Orienteering Festival, Stage 2; Western States Orienteering Championships, Day 2

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Event Write-Up


In summary, thank you all for every bit you contributed, because this was an undertaking. Not a typical walk in the park event.

From the lengthy and cumbersome permit process endured by our behind-the-scenes wizard Gavin Wyatt-Mair, we were subjected to many difficult conditions to put this event on.

Aside from things like commuter traffic.

Many thanks to those of you who gave up time in your work day especially. As a teacher, I am fortunate to have the summer off, though I will say we earn those summers off. No "quiet quitting" in teaching!

The persistent fog and slight bluster made it a true San Francisco Summer event, more so than Presidio. I think if we had our choice, it was better to have the better weather the first day to ease people into these two weeks of adventures.

Although wearing the event-director hat the majority of the time, from when I arrived at 5:55 AM until departing after 4:00 PM, I was able to escape into the woods as the starts were closing and tremendously enjoyed the ping-pongy jaunt through a variety of Golden Gate Park habitats. Well done on the course planning, Andrejus!

Major kudos to Andrejus Masalkovas pulling off the impossible given probably only two weeks to get the planning job done. And Bill Cusworth for partnering on probably one of his strangest mapping projects ever, determining which of the many Golden Gate park maps to work with, then getting the essential work done quickly to ready it for a world-class event. Dan Greene supported the course planning with lots of visiting and vetting, and Andrejus remarked his gratitude for Dan's wisdom and feedback.

Vladimir Gusiatnikov was scheduled to do the courses, but an unfortunate injury incapacitated him, and he is still rehabbing. He still helped us very much on the event day, limping around to place 15 or so of the checkpoints, and then supporting the start crew for the entire event with his daughter Beatrice Schreibstein.

Andrejus had 92 checkpoints to place, because we weren't allowed to place any the day before according to the permit, and we were severely limited for placings. 80% of the checkpoints had to be cones or stands according to Parks & Rec. So major thanks to Vladimir, Steve Haas, Dan Greene, and another guy who happened to be there earlier than planned at 5:55 AM to get it done. It was a tight squeeze before the first scheduled starts, and our pre-runners Clinton Morse and Steve Gregg didn't have much time to verify the controls — none of which, fortunately, were disturbed, and all were easily recovered after the event.

Steve Gregg was also there almost the entire time, and I wouldn't have run off into the woods if I didn't know that Steve is a class act and can hold down the fort. He was the designated AD for this event and also helped with setup, takedown, and the Finish. He might be known for all-time Golden Goat points but he's probably in the top five for all-time volunteer points. He's not resting on his laurels from his recent 2022 BAOC Club Service Award.

Vicki Woolworth was not on our volunteer roster, but that didn't stop her from jumping in on control pickup, takedown, and she was there to the very end. Derek Maclean also did a variety of tasks besides his assigned starts slot. And Gavin Wyatt-Mair and Jay Hann are working pretty much round the clock, being at the event from dawn to dusk, and then prep in between the dog and pony shows.

A special mention to Kevin Mihata, down from Washington, who helped with some techno skills to get the start lists printed in the Western Race Services trailer.

An absolute thank you to all of our volunteers and participants for building a day in the park we could all enjoy. Thank you so much! A comprehensive volunteer list follows... if I missed anyone below please let me know!! We will update the BAOC website!

Results of Recreational Courses

Golden Gate Park

San Francisco, CA
Tuesday, July 18, 2023

White Course   Yellow Course   Orange Short Course   Orange Long Course   Beige Course   Brown Course   Green Course   Red Course

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results ( (recreational and competitive) and on Attackpoint ( (competitive only).

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by the competitive participants in RouteGadget for this event ( (Use of RouteGadget is explained here.)

The Cal-O-Fest competitive results are here (

Rec 1 White Course                (2.6 km, 19 controls)  
                                                             Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Annie Thorsson           IK Trenne Ullared   28:23              1:28  
    2  Mark Masalkov                   DVOA         50:29    22:06     9:48
    3  Weeks                           LAOC       1:05:11    36:48    33:45
       Akshay Cadambi                               DNS                     
       Carlos Alberto Leyva Capote                  DNS
       Tenedjou Takougang Herman Careme             DNS

Rec 2 Yellow Course               (2.9 km, 22 controls)  
                                                             Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Jurgita Prakapiene     Big Foot Orienteers   31:51              6:32  
    2  William Mahoney                 OOC          33:19     1:28     6:27
    3  Karin Nilsson            IK Trenne Ullared   36:07     4:16     6:35
    4  Michelle Kastner                COC          40:52     9:01     7:36
    5  Oskar Elias Heggeset            Freidig      43:16    11:25     5:14
    6  Tonje Marita Bjerkan Heggeset   Freidig      43:18    11:27     6:28
    7  Sverre August Heggeset                       43:30    11:39     5:39
    8  Paul & Sally Nasman             BAOC       1:23:43    51:52    20:31
    9  Amanda McGowan                             1:24:23    52:32    39:25
   10  Nancy Lindeman                  BAOC       2:14:59   143:08    40:37
       Alex Wang                                    DNS                     
       Amanda McGowan                  SDO          DNS

Rec 4 Orange Short Course         (3.4 km, 21 controls)  
                                                             Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Kaylee Mahoney                  OOC          31:57              0:35  
    2  Maren Pussak                Kölner OL-Team   34:58     3:01     1:05
    3  Lisa Borsting                Herlufsholm     38:11     6:14     4:00
    4  Ilsabe Borsting              Herlufsholm     59:36    27:39     9:16
    5  Mia Hall                                   1:04:08    32:11     7:57
    6  Frank Markowitz                 BAOC       1:05:17    33:20    18:42
    7  Kim Mahoney                     OOC        1:10:10    38:13    15:49
       Maria Casler                                 DNS                     

Rec 4 Orange Long Course          (3.4 km, 21 controls)  
                                                             Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Greg Callas                                  25:38              1:39  
    2  Joe Sophia, Julien Knapp                     29:13     3:35     2:29
    3  Charlie Walmsley                CVOC         30:19     4:41     2:26
    4  Jason & Woody Szydlik                        38:31    12:53     9:33
    5  Eric Casler                                  45:27    19:49    13:17
    6  Melissa Howe                    KOC        1:12:19    46:41    17:36
    7  Tech Audio                                 1:20:31    54:53    14:09
       Rosalind Grace                               MSP                     

Rec 5 Beige Course                (3.2 km, 19 controls)  
                                                             Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Len Howe                        KOC          39:21              0:00  
    2  Karla Hulett                    QOC        1:21:56    42:35    14:23
       Ken Considine                   BAOC         MSP                     

Rec 6 Brown Course                (3.3 km, 21 controls)  
                                                             Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Pinar Basol                     Taby OK      31:54              0:43  
    2  Arild Heggeset                  Freidig      32:23     0:29     1:18
    3  Per Bringle                     GAOC         34:40     2:46     4:16
    4  Ali Basol                       Taby OK      34:43     2:49     1:00
    5  Diyang Tang, Alex Cole,
         Jingyi Li                     BAOC       1:02:01    30:07    13:01
    6  Rosemary Johnson                BAOC       1:23:48    51:54    15:29
    7  Virginia Church                 CROC       1:31:08    59:14    17:29
       Anndy Wiselogle                 CROC         MSP                     
       Claus Borsting               Herlufsholm     DNS                     

Rec 7 Green Course                (4.2 km, 24 controls)  
                                                             Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Daniel Mahoney                  OOC          33:18              1:30  
    2  Jan Jergus                                   39:39     6:21     1:08
    3  Caroline Drevet             Accro O Sport  1:04:09    30:51     9:51
    4  Pascal Vin                      BAOC       1:06:59    33:41     8:26
    5  Sheila Baker                               1:10:03    36:45     2:04
    6  Phillip Hoare                              1:19:42    46:24    13:56
       Val Duca                        Stars        DNS                     

Rec 8 Red Course                  (5.6 km, 31 controls)  
                                                             Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Neeme Loorit                    BAOC         39:34              2:38  
    2  Greg Callas                     Nav-X        43:41     4:07     1:27
    3  Nicholas Goldowsky-Dill         BAOC         44:49     5:15     3:00
    4  Patrick Karion                  BAOC         45:18     5:44     3:52
    5  Carl Walsh                                   48:51     9:17     5:39
    6  John Richardson                 BAOC         53:51    14:17     9:45
    7  Brian Mahoney                   OOC          59:46    20:12    11:23
    8  Killian Koepsell                           1:43:43    64:09    14:32
       Jason Lee                       BAOC         MSP                     
       Anthony Riley                   DVOA         DNF                     
       Dennis Wilkinson                BAOC         DNS                     
       Nick Duca                       Stars        DNS
       Shelley Bambrook              Australia      DNS
       Telia Curtis                    GPHXO        DNS


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
DNS = Did not start
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)