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Presidio of San Francisco

Recreational Courses
     California Orienteering Festival, Stage 1
     Western States Orienteering Championships, Day 1

Date: (Mon.) Jul. 17, 2023
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 650.248.0909
Course Setter: Matej Sebo
Type: A; All are welcome, including beginners; NRE Sprint event in an urban park; California Orienteering Festival, Stage 1; Western States Orienteering Championships, Day 1

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Event Write-Up


Here is the Presidio story — let's call it the prequel to the Golden Gate Park event. 🙂

As Day 1 of Cal-O-Fest, Monday at the Presidio would be the introduction to California for many orienteers from around the world. Things had better look good, and be good — no pressure! Thanks to all the volunteers who contributed, I think we met our objectives, and the meet can be considered a success for BAOC. The spectacular venue certainly helped!

Matej Šebo was the beating heart of the event. As mapper, course setter, sole control placer, and creative equipment constructor, he put a huge amount of work into designing and producing quality courses. Key quote from Matej: "I'm honestly more attached to Yoda now for course quality reasons than sentimental value." ( I hope you all spotted Yoda!). With last-minute construction hand-drawn to maps overnight, and touches like the printed warmup maps, Matej's hard work and attention to detail made this a high-quality showcase for our club.

The event would not have happened without the work of Gavin Wyatt-Mair in negotiating our permit from the Presidio Trust, and all the background efforts of the Cal-O-Fest steering committee. It is a credit to our previous Presidio event directors and volunteers that we have established a great relationship with these stewards of the National Park. Orienteering is a unique proposition for the Trust to accommodate, but Gavin was able to negotiate a cost-effective and flexible permit arrangement. I shared my ED notes with the on-the-day park ranger, and the emphasis on being good partners with the Trust and the public clearly resonated with him.

The Registration team, led by Sarah Williams were the front line for that critical first interaction with our competitors. The highly-organized packets gave a very professional first impression, and the friendly welcome got things off on the right tone. The packet distribution team included Nancy Lindeman, Barbara Robben, Steve Beuerman, Olga Kraght, and Gary Kraght. Olga and Gary also dealt with merchandise distribution, issues, and exchanges. The Registration team included Steve Haas, Rosemary Johnson, Dennis Wildfogel, and Jeff Lanam. Bill Cusworth was behind the scenes answering emails and solving issues. Marie-Josée Parayre and Sheila Cotter gave beginner clinics, and François Léonard also helped with set-up.

The Start crew were led by Scott Aster, who also directed the preparation of the Start layout under challenging, windy conditions. Scott was resourceful in dealing with disappearing maps and clue sheets, and the learning was also put into play on Day 2. Other members of the start crew were Stephanie Maclean, Jamie Maclean, Graham Brew, Chuck Spalding, Terry Farrah, Tony Pinkham, Eric Bone, Wayne Staats, Jeff Goodwin, Steve Tarry, Betsy Geise, and Deron van Hoff. Dennis Wildfogel assigned start times, and Jay Hann formatted and printed start lists.

Rahel Schneider and Rick McBee ably staffed the Finish.

Jay Hann and Adam from Western Race Services set up all the electronic equipment, coordinated E-punch equipment, and generated results.

Our pre-runners were essential to the success of the meet. Lubo Šebo, Daniel Šebo, Steve Gregg, and Rex Winterbottom checked the large majority of controls, and identified one control that had been interfered with. This had the potential to seriously disrupt the event for many people, but the rapid response from pre-runners allowed Matej to correct the issue in a seamless manner to competitors. All the pre-runners then transitioned to course-marshal roles to ensure compliance of competitors and to avoid further control interference. They were extremely helpful in heading off potentially sensitive issues, such as packs of cyclists parking around one control.

Lubo Šebo, Daniel Šebo, Matej Šebo, Steve Gregg, Rex Winterbottom, and Tapio Karras picked up controls, and several members of the Day-2 team stuck around to organize the equipment.

Thanks to all! Let me know if I missed any volunteers.

See you all at Morgan Territory, and then on to Tahoe!

Results of Recreational Courses

Presidio of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA
Monday, July 17, 2023

White Course   Yellow Course   Orange Short Course   Orange Long Course   Beige Course   Brown Course   Green Course   Red Course

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results ( (recreational and competitive) and on Attackpoint ( (competitive only).

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by the competitive participants in RouteGadget for this event ( (Use of RouteGadget is explained here.)

The Cal-O-Fest competitive results are here (

Rec 1 White Course                   (1.4 km, 20 m climb, 15 controls)  
                                                                Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                               Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Victor Lauri                       Jarla IF OK  14:47              0:00  
    2  Annie Thorsson               IK Trenne Ullared  14:50     0:03     0:00
    3  Situational Bananas                LAOC         30:09    15:22     5:09
       Martin Buhr                        BAOC          DNS                     

Rec 2 Yellow Course                  (1.5 km, 25 m climb, 13 controls)  
                                                                Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                               Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Jurgita Prakapiene         Big Foot Orienteers  13:22              1:09  
    2  Karin Nilsson                IK Trenne Ullared  15:59     2:37     2:11
    3  William Mahoney                    OOC          16:40     3:18     3:20
    4  Oskar Elias Heggeset               Freidig      18:29     5:07     1:37
    5  Tonje Marita Bjerkan Heggeset      Freidig      18:41     5:19     1:09
    6  Sverre August Heggeset                          18:44     5:22     1:22
    7  Amanda McGowan                     SDO          20:02     6:40     3:32
    8  Nancy Lindeman                     BAOC         47:27    34:05     7:20
       Alex Wang                                        DNS                     
       Fobia Samuel Aswue                               DNS

Rec 3 Orange Short Course            (2.1 km, 40 m climb, 14 controls)  
                                                                Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                               Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Kaylee Mahoney                     OOC          15:44              0:26  
    2  Maren Pussak                    Kölner OL-Team  17:49     2:05     0:44
    3  Lisa Borsting                      Herlufsholm  18:53     3:09     2:25
    4  Ilsabe Borsting                    Herlufsholm  24:41     8:57     2:53
    5  Kim Mahoney                        OOC          27:55    12:11     4:34
    6  Joe & Sarah Naughten               SDO          30:55    15:11     6:53
    7  Mia Hall                                        35:02    19:18     4:35
    8  Maria Casler                                    41:12    25:28    17:54
    9  Michelle Kastner                   COC          48:14    32:30    20:13
   10  Paul & Sally Nasman, Judy Cavot    LAOC         53:27    37:43    11:26
       Barbara Robben                     BAOC          MSP                     
       Tracy Smith                        OOC           DNS                     

Rec 4 Orange Long Course             (2.1 km, 40 m climb, 14 controls)  
                                                                Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                               Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Daniel Mahoney                     OOC          12:34              0:42  
    2  Charlie Walmsley                   CVOC         14:28     1:54     0:39
    3  Eric Casler                                     16:26     3:52     2:22
    4  Len Howe                           KOC          18:45     6:11     2:41
    5  Melissa Howe                       KOC          39:19    26:45     9:13
       Seth Benkle, Ryan Young                          MSP                     

Rec 5 Beige Course                   (1.8 km, 35 m climb, 16 controls)  
                                                                Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                               Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Ken Considine                      BAOC         30:57              3:30  
    2  Carl Walsh                                      39:23     8:26     7:42

Rec 6 Brown Course                   (1.8 km, 35 m climb, 16 controls)  
                                                                Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                               Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Ali Basol                          Taby OK      15:40              0:00  
    2  Greg Callas                        NAVX         16:45     1:05     3:04
    3  Anndy Wiselogle                    CROC         33:18    17:38     6:49
    4  Rosemary Johnson                   BAOC         33:57    18:17     5:30
    5  Virginia Church                    CROC         34:25    18:45     5:00
    6  Karla Hulett                       QOC          36:24    20:44     3:59
       Pinar Basol                        Taby OK       MSP                     
       Claus Borsting                     Herlufsholm   DNS                     

Rec 7 Green Course                   (2.2 km, 40 m climb, 15 controls)  
                                                                Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                               Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Sheila Baker                                    30:37              4:48  
    2  Louise Wildfogel                   BAOC         45:05    14:28     9:50

Rec 8 Red Course                     (2.5 km, 50 m climb, 21 controls)  
                                                                Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                               Club         Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Nicholas Goldowsky-Dill            BAOC         18:16              0:00  
    2  Jan Jergus                                      20:54     2:38     0:35
    3  Brian Mahoney                      OOC          21:35     3:19     1:30
    3  Greg Callas                        NAVX         21:35     3:19     1:39
    5  Hana Olhava                        SK Praga     22:20     4:04     1:07
    6  Patrick Karion Siqueira Carvalho   BAOC         23:57     5:41     4:37
    7  Jason & Woody Szydlik                           30:52    12:36     6:09
    8  Wade Tokarek                       SAGE         34:30    16:14     3:25
    9  Pascal Vin                         BAOC         34:40    16:24     2:28
   10  Sheila Baker                                    36:40    18:24     0:59
   11  Kilian Koepsen                                  49:01    30:45    11:48
       Jason Lee                          BAOC          MSP                     
       Dennis Wilkinson                   BAOC          DNS                     


DNS = Did not start
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)