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News and Notes

Various tidbits will be posted here from time to time.

You might also be interested in reading the Orienteering USA (OUSA) news page ( (Orienteering USA publishes a monthly E-newsletter. You can subscribe and access the archive here (

New Revision of the IOF Specification for Control Descriptions

This file (3.7MB PDF) contains a new revision of the International Specification for Control Descriptions that will take effect in 2024. The new revision contains these “major changes” from the 2018 version:

  1. Now covers both ISOM and ISSprOM.
  2. Description Sheet should be printed in black.
  3. If the clarification symbol in column C is not sufficient to unambiguously define the placement of the control flag, then the feature is not suitable for a control site.
  4. Use of Copse symbol extended to include a more runnable area of trees surrounded by thicker forest.
  5. Use of Building symbol extended to include a pillar supporting a roof.
  6. New symbol added for a Railway or Tramway.
  7. Use of Top and Beneath symbols extended to include the Upper or Lower of two levels.
  8. New symbol added for a Map Flip (turn the map over).

(November 22, 2023)

Call for 2024 Event Volunteers/Mentors/Mentees

We hope everyone has been enjoying the recent BAOC events. Your Event Coordination Committee has a full slate of over 20 orienteering events planned for 2024. However, as you know, these events can only take place with the help of our wonderful volunteers. BAOC has no paid positions of any kind. So first and foremost, thank-you to the dozens and dozens that volunteered throughout 2023. Our upcoming December 2nd event at Bon Tempe in Marin County is in appreciation of all your efforts: Please come along and celebrate!

In 2024, we are putting an extra focus on training new volunteers for the roles of Course Setter and Event Director. These are bedrock volunteer roles of each event: events will literally not happen unless these roles are filled. But we know that less-experienced members might feel unqualified to take on these pivotal positions. Therefore, in 2024, wherever possible, we are pairing more experienced Event Directors and Course Setters with folks having less experience. And thus helping the newer folks get comfortable with these jobs; ultimately being able to take the lead in these critical positions.

We have events planned in all 12 months of 2024, in all four corners of the Bay Area and beyond. There are literally dozens of opportunities to be a mentor or a mentee at any of these events. See the list below — all of these events could use your help!

If you have been waiting to step-up into one of these roles, but were unsure how, now is the perfect time! Or if you are more experienced and want to ensure these events will happen, we need you! Please don't assume someone else will do it; we need everyone to step up to make this calendar a reality. Reach out to your local Regional Event Coordinator (REC), and discuss how you can get involved. And thank-you all so much for all the volunteer efforts. Without all of you, none of this would be possible!

    East Bay REC:  
    North Bay REC: 
    Peninsula REC: 
    South Bay REC: 
    San Fran. REC: 
    Sierra REC:    

Here are the 2024 BAOC events currently planned (subject to change pending permits, availability, staff, etc.):

     1/28/24  Harvey Bear / Coyote Lake (South Bay)
     2/11/24  Calero (South Bay)
     2/25/24  Point Pinole (East Bay)
    DATE TBD  Brown’s Valley (North Bay)
     3/17/24  Joe Grant (South Bay)
     4/07/24  Spring Lake (North Bay)
     4/21/24  Shell Ridge (East Bay)
     5/05/24  Indian Valley (North Bay)
     6/02/24  Presidio (SF)
     6/16/24  Evergreen Valley College (South Bay)
     7/07/24  DVC (East Bay)
     7/21/24  UCB (East Bay)
     8/03/24  Tahoe (Sierra)
     8/04/24  Tahoe (Sierra)
     8/25/24  Bedwell Bayfront (Penn.)
     9/22/24  Lake Herman (North Bay)
    10/06/24  Briones (East Bay)
    10/20/24  Sunol (East Bay)
    11/10/24  Tamarancho, Goat? (North Bay)
    11/24/24  Pacheco? (South Bay)
    12/07/24  Bon Tempe (North Bay)
    12/08/24  Bon Tempe (North Bay)
    12/21/24  Willow Glen (South Bay)

BAOC Event Coordinator
(Posted to the BayONet ( Nov. 7, 2023)

Gavin Wyatt-Mair Received 2023 OUSA President’s Award

It is with excitement that I announce that Gavin Wyatt-Mair was awarded one of three 2023 OUSA President’s Awards during the OUSA Annual General Meeting on September 19, 2023. Please find below the official announcement.

Gavin Wyatt-Mair (BAOC)
  • Gavin Wyatt-Mair is recognized for his persistence and hardwork directing the 2023 CalOFest and events leading up to it. CalOFest was Gavin’s vision to build a large orienteering festival around two high-level international events on consecutive weekends: the North American Orienteering Championships (NAOC) and the World Rogaining Championships (WRC). Overall, CalOFest included ten events (5 National Ranking Events, 3 NAOC World Ranking Events + relay, and the WRC), bringing together nearly 800 orienteers and rogainers from 29 countries. Gavin’s tireless, hands-on leadership and endless enthusiasm were absolutely pivotal to the success of CalOFest. Gavin assembled the leadership team, led them through countless hours of detailed planning, and himself contributed hours of his time to mapping, course setting, equipment transport, and many other thankless tasks.
  • This is even more impressive when considered in the context of the pandemic. CalOFest faced numerous challenges, starting with the coronavirus pandemic, which forced the event to be postponed twice. The event was initially scheduled for 2020 but was first postponed to 2021 and later to 2023 due to the pandemic. What started as a 2-year project in 2018 turned into a 5-year project, during which Gavin took on the additional responsibility of organizing the U.S. Orienteering Championships twice: 2019 at Big Basin in the Bay Area and 2021 at Lake Tahoe. He also organized the 2021 U.S. Rogaining Championships. Gavin’s leadership in organizing these events provided valuable experience for the CalOFest team in preparing for a large multi-day event.
  • All three events were successful and served to move the National schedule in OUSA forward. Gavin’s efforts are greatly appreciated.

You fully deserve it Gavin!

BAOC President
(Posted to the BayONet ( Sept. 20, 2023)

BAOC Mapping Director

I am very pleased to announce that Matej Šebo has agreed to take on the position of BAOC Mapping Director.

The responsibilities of that position have changed somewhat from what they were in the past.

If you have any questions on the process, please contact Matej ().

Thank you Matej!

BAOC President
(September 13, 2023)

More about the Condes Licenses

I’ve been talking to Finn Arildsen, the developer of Condes (and former BAOC member.)

Condes 10 licenses deactivate automatically after 12 months if not in use. If you aren’t going to use it for a while, it is better to use the Remove License option under the Help menu. This leaves the program installed in a limited state. You can open Condes files, but not change them unless they are very small. It’s easy to reactivate the license if necessary and you don’t have to type the license code in again. Finn can see that most of our Condes 10 licenses have been used in the last year, so we don’t have as many that are idle as I thought.

Thanks everyone for your responses to my previous message.

BAOC Epunch Director
(Posted to the BayONet ( June 4, 2023)

Please Uninstall Condes 10 If You Aren’t Using It

BAOC has a license to use the course-setting program Condes 10 that allows for 40 concurrent users. We are up to 37 users. If you have Condes installed on your computer and you are not using it, please consider uninstalling it. Also try to remember to uninstall it if you are getting rid of a computer that it’s installed on. I know that’s not always possible​—​if you have replaced a computer that had it installed, let me know. I can probably work something out with Finn Arildsen, the Condes author.

If you have Condes 10 and are still using it, please send me email. I’ve lost track of who has it.

I think the limit does not apply to Condes 9 or earlier.

BAOC Epunch Director
(Posted to the BayONet ( June 3, 2023)

2022 BAOC Service Award Recipient

Congratulations to Steve Gregg for being selected for the 2022 BAOC Service Award. Steve has developed fun courses at Point Pinole for 25 years, in both Event Director and Course Setter roles. He has also set courses for national events, and frequently volunteers for control pickup and other tasks. Steve served on the club Board of Directors for several years as Training Director.

(Nominations for the award were submitted by club members, and the recipient was selected by previous recipients.)

BAOC President
(December 20, 2022)

Bob Cooley on U.S. WTOC Team

Congratulations to Bob Cooley for qualifying for the World Trail Orienteering Championship ( (WTOC) that will take place in Poland July 19–23, 2022.

Have fun Bob, BAOC will cheer for you. 😊

BAOC President
(June 15, 2022)

2021 BAOC Service Award Recipient

Congratulations to Sharon Evans for being selected for the 2021 BAOC Service Award. Sharon will be stepping down after having served for eight years in this, her second stint, as BAOC Treasurer. This is an unsung, but entirely necessary, job that is required for the smooth operation of the club. Thorough and detail-oriented in her work, Sharon has kept the board well-informed about the financial status of the club. In the past few years, the job has been complicated further by the scheduling, postponement, re-scheduling, and re-postponement of Cal-O-Fest, which has required management of multiple bank accounts and a considerable volume of international payments and refunds. In addition to serving as Treasurer, Sharon has been the event director for several events in the South Bay at Big Basin, Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch, and Wilder Ranch.

(Nominations for the award were submitted by club members, and the recipient was selected by previous recipients.)

BAOC President
(April 20, 2022)

IOF Map Specifications Updated

"The IOF recently sent out the link to the mapping specifications because the sprint specs have been updated. Whether you are a mapper or not, reading the specs can help your orienteering. They’re the ultimate orienteering map legend, telling you not only what a symbol means, but also detailed information about exactly what sort of things a mapper should map that way. If you’ve never read them, consider taking a look."

Notice posted to the OUSA ClubNet mailing list ( by , President, Orienteering USA
(Feb. 8, 2022)

Note: Links to the IOF mapping specifications are on the BAOC website here. The files linked there are identical to the files on the IOF website (, but the “BAOC files” are much smaller. In addition to the updated specification files, there’s a new “supplement” (PDF/2.6MB) to the specification for Sprint maps.

BAOC 2022 Event Schedule Update

Hi Everyone! BAOC volunteers have been busy putting together an action-packed 2022 of in-person orienteering events on some of our best Bay Area maps. It all starts February 6th with some excellent courses in a less-visited corner of Harvey Bear Ranch near San Jose, where Lubomir Sebo and Nick Corsano have been organizing a fantastic event for us.

On February 27th we will have an event at the beautiful Calero County Park, then March 13th sees us at Joe Grant County Park. There are several more events planned for the East Bay and North Bay in late March and April, which will be announced once the permit process has progressed just a little further.

We are also planning a full “Summer Series” on our local urban maps over the warmer summer months (June–August), and a complete fall/winter schedule, too.

Many thanks to all our tireless volunteers who have already stepped up for events in 2022. If you would like to take the role of Course Setter or Event Director at an upcoming event, please contact your local Regional Event Coordinator (REC). We hope to see you all at an event soon!

Your BAOC Regional Event Coordinators:

    East Bay REC:  
    North Bay REC: 
    Peninsula REC: 
    South Bay REC: 
    San Fran. REC: 
    Sierra REC:    

Jeff Goodwin (Event Coordinator) and Graham Brew (Regional Event Coordinator)
(Posted to the BayONet ( Feb. 5, 2022)

Important Volunteer News (and more)

I have some important BAOC news to share with you.

After 37 years of exceptional service to the club, Bob Cooley has announced that he will be stepping down as the Mapping Director. It is amazing to note that Bob received the BAOC Service Award in 1996 for great contributions to the club, and that he continued his dedicated services for another 25 years. Bob has been a key player in not only taking care of printing all BAOC maps, but also in the creation of most of our maps. Thank you Bob! As you can imagine, finding a replacement for Bob is a major challenge for the club, and I welcome your ideas and interest in this position.

In addition to Mapping Director, we have the following positions open:

I would also like to share the great news that Chief Daniel Ingram is now the new Junior Director, and has taken the lead in adding information to our website for Juniors interested in activities.

Welcome back regular BAOC events! Please make sure to visit the BAOC website ( for up-to-date information on future events, including a National Ranking Event (NRE) scheduled for October 24th at St. Mary’s College. Registration for that event is currently open. We are also planning events at Tamarancho, Huddart Park, and Shell Ridge. Please contact Event Directors if you can help at any of those upcoming events.

Lastly, I would like to let everyone know that the OUSA 2021 Annual General Meeting ( (AGM) is scheduled for Thursday, October 21, at 5:00 PM via video conference. Everyone is welcome to "attend". The club should know soon how many delegates we can have for voting purposes.

I hope to see many of you soon at our next event, and please consider supporting our club in any way you can. 😊

BAOC President
(Posted to the BayONet ( on Sept. 20, 2021)

2020 BAOC Service Award Recipient

Congratulations to Steve Haas for being selected for the 2020 BAOC Service Award. Steve has served as Registration Director since 2011, performing his duties with cheerfulness and gusto. Registration is the first point of contact that most beginners have with the club, and Steve has worked hard to make the experience a positive one. Steve has also been one of the club’s most reliable event directors, in charge of events almost every year for more than ten years, including the 2016 U.S. Championships. From 2016–2020, he served as the club President, keeping the club focused on its mission to provide a wide variety of orienteering events.

(Nominations for the award were submitted by club members, and the recipient was selected by previous recipients.)

BAOC President
(May 27, 2021)

Status of Upcoming NAOC Events

The following was posted on Attackpoint ( on April 30, 2021:

Orienteering USA ( and Orienteering Canada (, with approval from the IOF (, have made the decision to postpone the next two North American Orienteering Championships (NAOC). Organizers of both events are in full agreement.
The NAOCs in California will now be held in 2023 instead of this summer. The NAOCs scheduled for 2022 in Ottawa, Canada will move to 2024 or 2025.
California OFest (, including NAOCs, in 2023 will be hosted with little change from what was planned — first for 2020 then for 2021, now for 2023. This summer Bay Area Orienteering Club (BAOC) will host an alternative event in the Lake Tahoe area for those who can travel and attend.
In Canada, due to COVID-19 restrictions, it has not been possible to get mapping done in time for a major 2022 event, so organizers have requested a move to after the CalOFest NAOCs. The final date of 2024 or 2025 is yet to be determined, but will be decided jointly by Orienteering Canada and Orienteering USA, in conjunction with the IOF.
A special thank you to organizers of all orienteering events who have had to make changes and adaptations because of COVID-19. It is you who keep our sport going!
We all look forward to when we can gather and orienteer again without any restrictions!
Clare Durand
Orienteering USA
Anne Teutsch
Orienteering Canada | Course d'orientation Canada

CalOFest is moved to 2023

Greetings to everyone registered for the California Orienteering Festival.

Festival to take place in 2023

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and international travel restrictions, and after extensive discussions with the International Orienteering Federation, International Rogaining Federation, Orienteering Canada and Orienteering USA, we have decided to move the entire Festival to 2023. This difficult decision was made in the interests of safety and fairness.

This change includes the North American Orienteering Championships and the World Rogaining Championships. The Festival will be held in San Francisco and Tahoe-area locations during summer 2023, with dates pending IOF and IRF approvals.

Bay Area Orienteering Club will host “Tahoe 2021”:
U.S. Champs, August 6–9; N.A. Rogaining Champs, August 14–15.

For those who can still travel to California this summer, we are pleased to announce our plans for two consecutive weekends of high-quality Orienteering and Rogaining in August of 2021.

Tahoe 2021 will include the United States Orienteering Championships, August 6–9, and the North American Rogaining Championships (24-hour and 4-hour), August 14–15.

Details and registration will be available soon at

Permits for the event are pending, and we continue to monitor COVID safety requirements. Courses for Tahoe 2021 will not overlap NAOC 2023 courses.

What happens to your registration?

As before, current CalOFest registrations are automatically transferred to 2023; you do not have to do anything, and your fees will not increase. We hope many of you will leave your registration in place.

If you are interested in alternatives, you may write to to:

  1. Use the dollar value of your registration toward entry fees for Tahoe 2021.
  2. Request a credit for any future BAOC event.
  3. Request a refund.

We look forward to seeing you in California and wish you good spirits, good health, and good fitness.

California Orienteering Festival Steering Committee
(April 22, 2021)

Update from BAOC President

Dear orienteering community,

Knowing how eager everyone is to restart regular events, I want to remind everyone of the opportunity to participate in the BAOC Corona Courses posted on our website. The most recent course added to the list is at Coyote Hills and was created by John Richardson. I would like to challenge all of you to do the course before the end of April, so we can have a course review via teleconference the last week of April.

Coyote Hills Corona Course link:

Please let us know if you need help with setting up MapRun on our phone or Garmin watch. If enough people are interested, I would be happy to schedule a Zoom session for assistance.

I also want to share the news that our Regional Event Coordinators have been hard at work planning how to restart events, and the good news is that some permit applications are currently in the works. Stay tuned for more information.

Enjoy this beautiful weather. 😊

BAOC President
(Posted to the BayONet ( on March 31, 2021)

South Bay Regional Event Coordinator

I am retiring as the South Bay Regional Event Coordinator (REC), and am looking for my successor. Please consider volunteering for this important job.

Being a REC is a rewarding, but not very time consuming way to support BAOC. You will work with some of the best people you have ever met. As designed, a REC has three main duties:

  1. Work with the Event Coordinator and the four other Regional Coordinators to develop the club schedule. (Those people are listed here.)
  2. Recruit event directors and course setters for the South Bay Events.
  3. Generally oversee the process of event production in the South Bay Region.

Some knowledge of Bay Area Orienteering is important. Knowing some of the fellow club members and being familiar with our event venues is helpful. No matter what level of experience you have, I will be happy to mentor you. You will also have the four other RECs for support and guidance. There are quite a few experienced event directors and course setters in the South Bay who are always ready to step up when asked.

The hope is to resume our regular club schedule of events in the fall. So the schedule planning process will begin this spring. There are currently four active parks at which we hold events in the South Bay: Joseph Grant, Calero, Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear Ranch, and Vasona Park. There are also a number of mapped parks that are currently unavailable due to various reasons.

If you would like to talk about this, please or call me at 510-525-1574. This is your opportunity to carve the new future for orienteering.

(March 5, 2021)

BAOC Yahoo Groups Have Ended

As you might have heard, Yahoo ended their Groups service on December 15, 2020.

BAOC had several groups on that platform. The club’s largest groups, the main discussion group (aka the BayONet) and the monthly distribution of the schedule of local and significant distant events, have been migrated to the ( platform. The new BAOC ( and BAOCevents ( groups are active, and invitations to join were sent to all the members of the respective Yahoo groups.

Other BAOC Yahoo groups have been “retired”: BAOCT (236 members), baoc_juniors (50 members), BAOC_AMeets (156 members), and baocrelay. The membership lists for those Yahoo groups have been saved for possible future use.

(December 16, 2020)

Julia Doubson Completed JWOC 2020 Simulation

Congratulations to Julia Doubson for completing her week-long JWOC (Junior World Orienteering Championships) simulation. Since JWOC 2020 has been postponed (, the National Team decided to have a simulation week where each athlete completes all the courses that are part of the JWOC schedule. You can find information in the Junior National Team Blog (

In addition, I would like to thank all the BAOC course setters who took time to prepare courses for Julia. She was able to run a Sprint course at the Presidio, Middle courses at Annadel and Black Diamond Mines, a Long course at Big Basin, and finally a Relay at Morgan Territory. This is a good example of the support the club has been proving to athletes trying to reach new heights.

Thank you all, and well done Julia. 😊

(July 1, 2020)

Orienteering USA Policy for COVID-19 Mitigation

At their emergency meeting tonight, the OUSA Board passed the following policy:

"OUSA official policy regarding COVID-19 mitigation:

"1. Clubs should promote the health, safety and wellness of orienteers and volunteers above all else. Clubs are expected to follow national and local governmental regulations and guidelines. Clubs are strongly discouraged from holding gatherings or traditional events for the immediate future to mitigate the spread of the virus.

"2. Sanctioning of OUSA events and championships scheduled through the end of April 2020 is suspended. Clubs are encouraged to postpone events to a later date and will be given priority and preference for open dates in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. The suspension of sanctioning for additional events will be considered as they approach, based on current conditions.

"3. Alternatives to traditional events that implement social isolation and avoid gatherings are encouraged. For example, course maps can be distributed or made available online. Individuals can print maps and run courses on their own without increasing their potential transmission interactions."

Notice posted to the USOFclubnet (!forum/clubnet) mailing list by , President, Orienteering USA
(March 16, 2020)

Julia Doubson Selected U.S. Junior Orienteer of the Year

Congratulations to Julia Doubson who was named today the Junior Orienteer of the Year by OUSA. Way to go Julia. BAOC is proud of all your accomplishments and dedication to the sport. Keep up your hard work!

From the announcement ( of the annual awards:

"Awarded to the best U.S. orienteer in 2019 under the age of 21, based on results at national and international events.
"Julia was the top U.S. female in the Sprint (62nd) and Middle (52nd in the A final) distances at JWOC and took a step up to F21 towards the end of the season, earning a gold and two silver medals at the U.S. Nationals. She is ranked third in F21."

(February 6, 2020)

2019 BAOC Service Award Recipient

Congratulations to Marie-Josée Parayre for being selected for the 2019 BAOC Service Award. Marie-Josée is a long-time member of BAOC, and is an active, enthusiastic volunteer. Her many contributions include directing numerous local and national events; chaperone for BAOC teams at Junior Nationals; spearheading the design, ordering, and distribution of new club uniforms; serving on the Event Coordination Team for two years; and member of the Steering Committee for the 2020 California Orienteering Festival (, for which she serves as Volunteer Coordinator.

(Nominations for the award were submitted by club members, and the recipient was selected by previous recipients.)

BAOC President
(December 27, 2019)

New Model For Club Event Coordination

BAOC is introducing a new Event Coordination Model for 2018. The goal is to schedule more events in a manner that is satisfying to club members, takes less time commitment, and puts less pressure on individual volunteers.

The new model has five Regional Event Coordinators working as a team. Together, the RECs will be responsible for the yearly schedule. Each of the team members will be recruiting Event Directors and Course Setters for 5–8 events per year. The team is already actively at work. It is currently composed of club members who are committed to the model and have substantial experience of producing BAOC events.

A second feature of the new model is to have the yearly schedule substantially completed by the Fall of the previous year, with most Event Directors and Course Setters recruited for the new year. Where possible, park permits will be obtained before October 1, or soon thereafter.

We will be asking each advanced orienteer to volunteer to take the role of ED or CS for at least one event per year. Of course, there will be some who will not be able to make this commitment, and that is OK, but expect to be asked.

Our National Event Coordinator, , is working closely with the new team. He has already scheduled another exciting COW (California Orienteering Week) National Event in conjunction with GCO for next March. A big thanks goes to Dennis, who took on the job of filling out the 2017 schedule when Steve Harrison, the EC for the past two years, had to resign because of increased work duties.

We hope that this is a model that can be sustained through the years, and that will have the support of club members. Ultimately, the vision is that the model will result in a strong future for BAOC.

Here are some advantages of the new model:

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

, South Bay REC (and team lead)
Coordinates events at Big Basin, Calero, Harvey Bear, Joe Grant, Pacheco, Vasona, and Willow Glen
, North Bay REC 
Coordinates events at Bon Tempe, Indian Valley, Lake Hermann, Spring Lake, and Tamarancho
, East Bay REC 
Coordinates events at Briones, Las Trampas, Morgan Territory, Shell Ridge, Sunol, and UC Berkeley
, San Francisco and Sierra Nevada REC 
Coordinates events at Golden Gate Park, McLaren Park, and Presidio of S.F.; Burton Creek, Little Truckee Summit, NorthStar, and Spooner Lake
, Peninsula and East Bay REC 
Coordinates events at Bayfront Park, Emerald Hills, Huddart Park, Montebello, and Stanford; Joaquin Miller, Oyster Point, Point Pinole, and Tilden Park

"Berman" O/NA Issues Now Online

"Back issues of Orienteering North America (O/NA) from 1984–1999 are now available online. The collection consists of all 140 issues published by, and made available courtesy of, Larry and Sara Mae Berman. We hope to add additional O/NA issues in the future.

"There are several ways to access the collection. A 'bookcase' view is available at URL:

"Take a look at the 'Start Here' issue (the first one shown in the upper left of the bookcase) for details about the collection and tips on using it.

"Enjoy browsing a bit of our history!"

Notice posted to the USOFclubnet ( mailing list by , Orienteering USA VP/Clubs
(December 31, 2016)

BAOC is a 501(c)(3) Organization

After a long, arduous process, BAOC has obtained IRS classification as a 501(c)(3) organization. That means, among other things, that contributions to BAOC are tax deductible by the donor on their personal income tax return (if they itemize deductions). The designation took effect on September 25, 2013, so contributions since then are deductible.

One of the "contributions" that can be deducted is car mileage for the benefit of BAOC (but note that the IRS requires written records for the miles claimed). For example, that would include mileage for visiting parks to plan events (e.g., course setting), to attend Board meetings, and to events that you only help at (i.e., not if you enjoy the benefit of running a course). The standard mileage rate ( is 14¢ per mile (per IRS guidelines; subject to change annually). (BAOC's address of record is 335 Beverly Ave, San Leandro, CA 94577; its EIN is 46-4309358.)

BAOC Treasurer
(February 1, 2015)

Staples Discount Program

I want to let you know about the Staples Business Discount program that BAOC belongs to.

When you place a Staples copy/print order referencing our Rewards Number (2867824258), you will receive a 10% discount and BAOC will earn 10% in Staples Rewards. You can use this for BAOC printing and for any other printing needs.

You can submit orders online or in any Staples store. I can send you the login and password if you wish to place orders online.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

BAOC President
(December 22, 2011)

BAOC Membership Now Available On-line

Note: Our on-line membership process is currently not working due to a problem with accessing Google Checkout.

I've now got on-line memberships up and running on our website at this page. Renewals can also be processed this way.

In order to save some money I've chosen to break it into two steps: 1) fill out a Wufoo form to capture the membership contact information, etc., then navigate back to the BAOC website to 2) pay through Google Checkout. Once you click "Submit" on the Wufoo form, it automatically sends the information to me. You'll need a Google Checkout account to pay on-line, which you can set up in a few minutes the first time you pay this way. Please remember that your membership is not complete until you do both steps. Once I get both parts and I record the membership information, you'll get a confirming e-mail from Google that your membership has "shipped" (don't expect anything at your front door!).

There is a small cost to using Google Checkout that we have added to the one-year Individual and Family/Group memberships, which are now $16 and $21, respectively, if you pay on-line (but it saves you at least a $0.44 stamp and a lot of time). But if you sign up for multiple years or Contributing, BAOC will absorb the cost (5 years is always a good choice ).

You can still sign up at events, or by printing a membership form and sending it with a check, but I am hoping everyone will get on board and find it easier to do it on-line. Note: Please do not split the difference, i.e., fill out the Wufoo form on-line and send in a check by mail. This can be done if absolutely necessary, but it will make my life more complicated, so please avoid it if possible. If you go the other way and pay on-line and send in the form by snail mail, the form will be conveniently "lost", and we will gladly accept the voluntary "anonymous" donation.

Try it!

Membership Guy
(June 10, 2011)

Older News

Items previously posted on this page are available here.