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When Are The Events?

BAOC events take place rain or shine throughout the year, typically on Sundays unless otherwise noted. See the event schedule for specifics. Beginners of any age are welcome at weekend events, there is usually a course suitable for first-time orienteers.¹

Standard Schedule

Most events follow a standard schedule, as follows. Some events may deviate from these times; exceptions are noted by event directors in their event announcements.

You may print and fill out an entry form (http://baoc.org/pdfs/entry_form.pdf) in advance if you wish (which may save time if you are bringing a large group; PDF files are viewable with the free Adobe Reader (http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html)).
We need to enter your name and E-stick number into the computer so that we know you are out on a course.
These short, repeating introductions to orienteering provide enough information to complete a beginner (White) course.¹
Everyone must check in at the Start to be assigned a start time, so participants are spaced out (at least at the Start).
Everyone must punch at the Finish by the closing time, and then report to Electronic Punching to download, even if you haven't completed your course.

Time Limits

You normally have 3 hours or until 2:00 PM to complete your course, whichever comes first.2 All participants must punch at the Finish by course close time and download at the Electronic Punching computer, whether or not you complete your course. This is the only way we know that you have returned safely; otherwise, we must initiate a search-and-rescue.


1 We strive to have a beginner course and beginner's clinics at every event. However, occasionally there is an event that is not suited for beginners. That will be noted in the event announcement.

2 Some events have a shorter time limit and an earlier closing time.