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Relay Event

Bedwell Bayfront Park

Date: (Sun.) May. 21, 2023
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Event Director: - 408.313.3753
Course Setter: Misha Kreslavsky
Type: C; You get to have fun doing a Relay, and we get to practice administration of a Relay in anticipation of the NAOC Relay at the California Orienteering Festival

May 18th Update

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about details. That’s a big part of why we’re doing this!
Here are answers to the questions people have asked:
  • You are signing up for both relays, but you don’t have to run both. You also don’t have to run on the same team for both relays.
  • The maps will have trails. Some of the trails will be overgrown. There has been a lot of growth this spring, so the grass will be long, but there will be a lot of flowers. There are always lots of birds, too.
  • We will have the club’s supply of rental punches available at no charge.
  • There will be a catch-up mass start for both relays. To test different options, the first relay will have a mass start for second-leg runners, and another one for third-leg runners. The second relay will have only one catch-up start. Here’s the planned timeline:
10:00 – Mass start for Relay 1 (the teams are here)
10:40 – Mass start for leg-2 runners whose leg 1 has not finished
11:20 – Mass start for leg-3 runners whose leg 2 has not finished
12:00 – Relay 1 closed
12:00 – Mass start for Relay 2
13:30 – Mass start for all remaining competitors for Relay 2
14:15 – Relay 2 closed
  • We will not have a separate course for first timers. If you’ve run a Yellow course, you should be able to run a leg. This is an opportunity to try an orienteering relay without the pressure of the NAOC Championships.
  • There will be a spectator control for both relays. You can see a long way at Bayfront Park, consider bringing binoculars!
Don't forget to sign up ( before 9:00 Saturday morning.
See you out there!
– Jeff Lanam

BAOC will have a free Relay event on May 21st, to give the event administration a chance to practice for the NAOC Relays during this summer’s California Orienteering Festival (Cal-O-Fest ( We would like as many participants as we can get in order to practise our processes. Put your teams together, or sign up on your own and we’ll try to match you up. You can run one, two, or three legs, but you must use a different E-stick for each leg.

The event will take place at Bedwell Bayfront Park in Menlo Park, starting at 9:45 with the demonstration of the changeover. We will have two relays​—​the first will start at 10:00, and the second one will start at 12:00. The legs will be short: probably 1.5 km each for relay 1, and 2.5 km each for relay 2. Since it will be at Bayfront Park, the technical level will be low. So everyone who’s run a Yellow (Advanced Beginner) course should be able to do it. Courses are being designed by Misha Kreslaysky.

Note for Beginners: BAOC events normally include courses for beginners, and short beginner “clinics” that introduce orienteering and explain how it’s done. Because of the special format of this event, those features will not be available. However, as mentioned above, anyone who has previously completed a Yellow (Advanced Beginner) course should be able to complete a Relay leg (which will be a normal course, except for the details of the Start and Finish). Please don’t be put off by the special Relay format​—​the purpose of this event is to practice the administration of a Relay event, not to be a serious competition. So, less-experienced orienteers will be welcome to join the fun.

Please allow ten minutes to walk to the arena in time for the changeover demonstration. (See below for more information about times.)

Teams will be assigned to different classes, depending on the total number of points of their members. We will have 0-, 4-, 8-, and 12-point classes. If they want to be more competitive, a team can compete in a class with fewer points than their actual number (e.g., an 8-point team can compete in the 4-point class). Points are assigned based on age and gender​—​the same scheme will be used in the NAOC Relays. Here is the table that shows how many points you bring to the team.

       Age       Women    Men
    -12 / 75+    7 pts    5 pts 
    -14 / 65+    6        4
    -16 / 55+    5        3
    -18 / 45+    4        2
    -20 / 35+    3        1
       21+       2        0

A sign-up form is now available (see below)​—​you must sign up before the event.

Since this is a barebones event, please bring your own water and snacks. Please come early to be ready to walk to the arena and attend the preliminaries.

Bedwell Bayfront Park is located at the end of Marsh Road in Menlo Park, just east of US 101, west of the Dumbarton Bridge​—​see directions below.

Please come out to this practice event, run a short course, cheer on your team, and see your clubmates!

Jeff Lanam, NAOC Relay Event Director

Event Logistics

Sign-ups for the Club Relay have closed. Please sign up by 9:00 AM on Saturday, May 20th. You do not need to have a complete team to sign up; we will try to match you to fill teams. You can also run more than one leg, but you must use a different E-punch for each leg.

You can see who has signed up here (

This is a free event, and there is no parking fee at Bayfront Park.

Please arrive and be ready to run by 9:30 AM, when we will walk to the Start and announce team assignments. The demonstration of the changeover will be at 9:45. The mass start of the first-leg runners will be at 10:00. The second relay will start at 12:00.

Be sure to read the Course Setter’s Notes for more information.

Bring your own snacks and chairs. Cheer on your teammates and have fun!


Relay 1

     Bib   Leg  Club   Name(s)                    E-Stick
    101-1   1          Zheng Siqing               1426701  
    101-2   2          Szu-Po Wang                1426702
    101-3   3          Cheng Chen                 1426703
    102-1   1   BAOC   Stephanie Maclean          9201894  
    102-2   2   BAOC   Derek Maclean              8636997
    102-3   3          Michael Granville          2031667
    103-1   1   BAOC   Marie-Josée Parayre        8668900  
    103-2   2   BAOC   Graham Brew                8021920
    103-3   3   BAOC   François Léonard           8143900
    104-1   1   BAOC   Steve Haas                 8668885  
    104-2   2   BAOC   Chuck Spalding             8216216
    104-3   3   BAOC   Matthias Kohler             141867
    105-1   1   BAOC   Beiduo Rao                 1992107  
    105-2   2   BAOC   Chun & Yingfei Wu & Wang   7021991
    105-3   3          Yifei Yin                  1426706
    106-1   1          Jan Jergus                  362930  
    106-2   2          Maria Jergusova            1426704
    106-3   3          Adriana Jergusova          1426705
    107-1   1   BAOC   John Richardson            8071647  
    107-2   2   BAOC   Tac Sugiyama               7344030
    107-3   3   BAOC   John Richardson            2147690
    108-1   1   BAOC   Miroslav Trubelja          1426707  
    108-2   2          Olga Boiarynova            1300872
    108-3   3   BAOC   Rex Winterbottom           8002157
    109-1   1   BAOC   George Minarik             8668871  
    109-2   2   BAOC   Sarah Williams             8143907
    109-3   3   BAOC   Tapio Karras               8102261

Relay 2

    We assume the teams will have the same members, who will run in the same order (although some teams might not participate in Relay 2).

Driving Directions

The approximate coordinates are 37.4909,-122.1773.

From the Peninsula, North, and South, take Highway 101 to the exit for Marsh Rd/CA-84E (#406). Head east on Marsh Rd (toward Dumbarton Bridge or the Bay). Stay to the left so you can drive straight ahead into the park at the traffic signal where Marsh turns right onto Bayfront Expressway.

From the East Bay, cross the Dumbarton Bridge (Hwy 84). Go to the seventh traffic light after the bridge (at Marsh Rd), and turn right into the park.