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Using E-Punch Controls At An Event

(Updated April 6, 2014)

Things to Keep in Mind

There are duplicates of numbers 31 and 100 in case you need extras for GO controls or other places on your course where multiple runners could be approaching the same control.
Please use these numbers when setting your courses that will use E-punch.

Synchronizing Your E-Punch Controls

What you will be doing and why

What you will need

Synchronize the clocks before setting out the controls

When: The night before or morning of the event — before setting out any controls

  1. Put the blue TimeMaster unit into Extended Master mode by punching three times with the purple Service/Off stick. The LCD screen should flash EXTMA and the time.
  2. Insert the black metal coupling stick in the TimeMaster unit hole from the front side, so the stick is poking out the back. The foam and tape hold the coupling stick in the hole.
  3. Turn on the control to be synchronized by inserting the purple Service/Off stick and listening for a beep.
  4. While the coupling stick is still in the TimeMaster unit, insert the end into the control unit hole. The TimeMaster unit will be on top of the control and the holes will be lined up and connected by the coupling stick. When it beeps, the synchronization is completed.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all the controls.
  6. When this is done, you can look at the LCD screens on all the controls. They should flash their control number and the same time. The controls stay on for a few minutes after they have been synchronized. To save battery power, turn them off with the purple Service/Off stick if they haven’t turned off already.
  7. Turn off the blue TimeMaster unit by punching once with the purple Service/Off stick. The LCD screen will go blank when it is off.

What else do you need to do?

Create and send the Condes export file

When: A few days before the event

  1. Before you send the file, make sure that all the course lengths and climbs have been entered. (Lengths are normally created automatically, but climb must be entered by hand — you enter it in the Course Editor.)
  2. In Condes, go to Export Export Event Data IOF XML Format. Make sure everything is selected. Click Export. Name the file and save it.
  3. Email this XML file to the E-Punch person.

Make sure that all controls are picked up after the event

  1. Print a master control list and use it to check off the units as they come back.
  2. Make sure that all the controls are in the cases before you leave the event site. Each box has a sign with the numbers listed for that box.

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