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Training Groups

Training is more fun with company. You can meet up with other Bay Area orienteers to build fitness and skills. Some currently ongoing training groups are listed below. Join the BAOC Training Email List (baoct) to get involved.

Email Lists


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Online Programs

Computer Games

Online Quizes

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Training Classes

"This is much more than oral instruction. I will first go over the basics of advanced techniques. Then, I'll shadow you on a course of your choice. During and after the run, I'll offer technique feedback and pointers that will hopefully be helpful and aid you in the improvement of your skills. (I will, however, not help you "find" any controls.)
"This assistance is aimed at anyone who is in the process of mastering an advanced course. It is entirely free. The only condition is that you do not go too fast for my pace; you should not intentionally slow down, and should plan to run the course at the normal speed you would otherwise do. I plan to offer this on an on-going basis, I will typically run an advanced course of my own, so this assistance will normally be available around 11:30. I will typically be able to accommodate only a single individual or a group, please email to check availability."