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Western U.S. Orienteering Clubs

All U.S. Orienteering Clubs

A map showing all the U.S. orienteering clubs is available on the Orienteering USA site here (

You can also browse by state ( or search by city or ZIP code ([value]=150&circle[min]=&circle[max]=&circle[location]=San+Francisco%2C+CA).

Western Canada Orienteering Clubs

Event Companies (also see the Vendors page)

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Orienteering Schedule Roundups

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Orienteering Around the World

The Orienteering USA Rules for Orienteering are available here (
OUSA members receive the magazine Orienteering North America six times a year (old issues from 1984–1999 are available online here ( A monthly E-newsletter ( is also published.
Discount Programs:
  • Orienteering USA has a discount program ( with Hertz Rent-a-Car ( (CDP 1916601). Anyone (members and non-members) can use this discount at any time, for any travel whatsoever​—​for orienteering and non-orienteering personal use, and on business. In addition to the discount you receive, there's a benefit to Orienteering USA.
  • There is also a discount program ( with the Hilton Hotels family of hotels and motels. (The previous Motel 6 discount program ended in 2012, and the Choice Hotels discount ended in 2015.)

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Miscellaneous Orienteering Sites

"Website dedicated to the promotion of trail orienteering in North America. This blog, which will feature training tips and control walk-throughs, is meant as a training tool to help people learn and improve in the sport. In addition, the site will contain a wide array of information on trail orienteering for everyone from beginners to U.S. Team members to course setters. Anyone is welcome to post comments or create an account to add your own blog posts. Suggestions for how to improve the site are welcome."
That site has disappeared. If you know where it is now located, please tell the . (December 12, 2015)

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Outdoor Activities

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Running Activities

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