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Tahoe Weekend

Date: Aug. 23 - 24, 2014
Location: Lake Tahoe Area
Event Director: - 415.566.7990
Course Setters: Deron van Hoff, Nik Weber
Type: B; Classic events for beginners through advanced—Saturday at Spooner Lake, Sunday at Burton Creek

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Event Write-Up


Thank you all for coming to the Tahoe Weekend of orienteering! "Thank you" to Nik Weber for setting great courses at Burton Creek, and I was your course setter for Spooner Lake. Also, "thank you" to the park rangers at Nevada State Parks, California State Parks, and U.S. Forest Service to allow us to use these two fantastic areas for orienteering. Spooner Lake is a beautiful area to have to spend a few weekends during the year in order to plan and set the courses, so I can look back with fond memories of time spent in the mountains. We were blessed with two great days of weather for running and hiking through the woods.

Many, many others helped out leading up to and on the days of the events. The list would be long, and there would be many familiar names. Rather than thanking them again here, I hope I made it clear to each of you already how appreciative I am of everyone’s contributions and hard work to make the event possible. Perhaps I personally could have been better organized on the days of the events, but as both Event Director and Course Setter on Saturday, I had more than I could handle without relying on others to provide necessary assistance.

Fillan Swift and Tapio Karras were double winners of their courses at the two-day event. Fillan won the Orange course at Spooner Lake in a respectable time of 1:34:15 on a physical course, and followed it up with a winning time of 1:00:40 at Burton Creek. Tapio won the Green courses in times of 1:21:10 and 52:54 at Spooner Lake and Burton Creek, respectively. Alison Weber won the White course on Saturday at Spooner in 49:09, and Sarah Williams had the quickest time at Burton Creek on Sunday in 33:17. On Yellow, Beth Dameron was best at Spooner Lake in 55:38, while Johanna Karras blazed through the course in 22:35 at Burton Creek.

Brown course winners were Gary Carpenter at Spooner Lake in 1:04:13 and Sam Coradetti at Burton Creek in 40:32. On the Red course at Spooner Lake, two Truckee Orienteering Club members battled it out, with Carol Walker edging out Paul Carson by less than a minute. Carol's time was 1:59:20. Miguel Clark, now living in the Bay Area after being introduced to the sport in Australia, won the Red course at Burton Creek in 1:09:31.

On the Blue course, there seemed to be good competition among BAOC’s best runners as well as orienteers from GCO and Truckee. The first three spots on Saturday at Spooner Lake were taken by François Léonard, Mikkel Conradi, and Urtzi Iglesias​—​with François taking the top spot in 1:41:50, and the other two within a couple of minutes. At Burton Creek, the top-three order was Matej Šebo in 1:11:15, followed by François Léonard and Urtzi Iglesias.

As course setter at Spooner Lake, the feedback was predominantly “that was hard.” Hopefully for most of you that was in a good way. You never want to set courses that have a large percentage of orienteers not finishing their courses (DNFs).

Unfortunately, that happened on the Orange course, so I went back to Spooner over Labor Day weekend to run it myself. When vetting the courses, I was three days removed from a hamstring tear, so I was dragging my right leg behind me up all those hills. As most of you know, this makes the navigation seem easier than when competing at speed. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the course with the route choices and possibility of making errors if not careful; though I might be a bit biased since I also set the course. Leg 2 to 3 seemed to offer some challenges to the Orange course participants. This leg was chosen early in the course planning to provide the temptation to take the easiest navigational route by dropping back down to the lake and then slogging back up the steep hill. The ideal route choice would be to contour. After the physical exertion to get to control 2, I would be hard pressed to lose all that elevation again. I chose to climb early to the knoll on the ridge, climb gradually to above the large boulder on the spur, and then contour as much as possible into the correct hilltop. I often will drop a little bit in elevation while going through a re-entrant, to cut off a little distance, so had to climb an extra 5 to 10 m to get back up to elevation. Another possible error would be to climb too much to the hilltop to the north of the control, since this is very prominent with this route choice. Leg 4 to 5 was, in my opinion, the most difficult control navigationally. The prominent trail to the north and east was meant to be a catching feature if the knoll was not spotted on the first pass. The potential problem, of course, is if one did not recognize the trail and continued past. This typically would not be a problem at a walk, but I could see someone blowing past this trail if running. For 8 to 9, I thought the best route choice was to head out to the parking lot on U.S. 50, roughly along the trail, and then follow the highway shoulder down to the re-entrant. No climb and easy run. So what do you think? Good Orange course, or too challenging either physically or navigationally for a local B-meet? My mindset was that I was setting it for the competitive Orange class​—​i.e., 15 to 16 year olds.

For the Yellow course, I realized I was pushing the envelope of following a linear feature of three hilltops from 8 to 9 to 10. I consider 9 to be an easy Orange control (it also was on the Orange course), and above an average level of difficulty for a Yellow control. I always appreciate a challenge, though, so I gave it a go. It also was a safe bordered area in case it proved too difficult. Was it appropriate for Yellow, or too difficult?

I reviewed the results and splits for the advanced courses. Brown seemed to be about the right distance, while Green, Red, and Blue were about 10% longer than what I had hoped. The rest of the reason for the longish times seemed to be a result of lost time, and was partly because of the degraded quality of the Spooner Lake map since it was originally produced in the early 1990s. Green, Red, and Blue all had the same first leg from the Start to control 1. It was the source of much discussion after the event. A lot of time was lost by a lot of orienteers. It may not have been a competitively fair leg because of the quality of the map. I thought that this would be alright for a B-meet nonetheless. I tried three different routes prior to the event, and am still unsure of the best route. I think taking the road or similar contouring low on the hill was quickest, but the vegetation was a bear to fight through to the saddle. Brown 3, Green 8, Red 10, and Blue 15 was another control location that I spent a lot of time selecting. I could have chosen yet another nearby boulder, but wanted to provide another type of challenge. For me, the easiest way to find this control location was to attack from a nearby prominent boulder cluster, as there were not too many prominent features around the copse of trees. Most seemed to navigate well to this area, though of those that lost time, it was often significant. The last few legs from the meadow back to the finish line was the most difficult portion of the course to set. I tried many different iterations, but found the map insufficient for most control locations, and the vegetation difficult to get through over significant portions of the hillside. In the end, I definitely settled for the best of rather poor options. In retrospect, since the courses were a bit long, I should have ended the courses in the meadow, and eliminated the final uphill through difficult-to-read terrain.

Feedback is always appreciated, so feel free to provide your comments. Hope to see you in the woods again soon!


Tahoe Weekend

Lake Tahoe Area, CA and NV
Saturday and Sunday, August 23-24, 2014

Saturday Courses    Sunday Courses

Saturday Courses

White Course   Yellow Course   Orange Course   Brown Course   Green Course   Red Course   Blue Course

Also see control-by-control timing in the Saturday WinSplits results (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget. (Use of RouteGadget is explained here. RouteGadget for this event is here (

White Course  (3.1 km, 40 m climb, 12 controls)
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Alison Wemmer                   GCO         49:09   
Yellow Course  (3.1 km, 70 m climb, 11 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Beth Dameron                                55:38   
   2  Ed Wirth, Jen Grafe                         58:36
   3  Marsha Jacobs                   BAOC      1:01:44
   4  Kristen Webber                  GCO       1:32:07
   5  Kate Tennant                    BAOC      1:48:54
   6  Sarah Bobek                               2:10:07
   7  Spenser family                            3:10:00
      Jamie Maclean                   BAOC        DNF     
Orange Course  (4.6 km, 220 m climb, 14 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Fillan Swift                    BAOC      1:34:15   
   2  Sherry Timmerman                Truckee   2:51:28
   3  Dave Best                                 3:00:26
   4  Tennant & Walsh                 BAOC      3:26:11
      Judy Koehler                    BAOC        DNF     
      Rick Boyer                                  DNF  
      Team BS Speed Unit              GCO         DNF  
      Daniel Šebo                     BAOC        DNF  
      William Murphy                  BAOC        DNF  
      Vic Revenko                     BAOC        DNF  
      Bryan Gaston                    BAOC        DNF  
      Ann-Marie & Leslie Moore                    DNF  
      Jukka Karras                    BAOC        DNF  
Brown Course  (3.8 km, 150 m climb, 13 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Gary Carpenter                  BAOC      1:04:13   
   2  George Minarik                  BAOC      1:15:29
   3  Dan Greene                      BAOC      1:20:52
   4  Gary Kraght                     BAOC      1:22:26
   5  Janet Petersen                  BAOC      1:26:15
   6  Vicki Woolworth                 BAOC      1:28:04
   7  Stephanie Maclean               BAOC      1:29:33
   8  Lauren Knight                   BAOC      1:30:54
   9  Chuck Spalding                  BAOC      1:30:58
  10  Leslie Minarik                  BAOC      2:01:20
  11  Jeff Lanam                      BAOC      2:15:47
  12  Joe Walker                      BAOC      2:37:06
  13  Shirley Donald                  KOC       2:43:51
  14  Scott Donald                    KOC       2:48:03
  15  Dick Opsahl                     BAOC      2:51:58
  16  Judy Opsahl                     BAOC      2:53:08
      Jerry Stewart                   CTOC        DNF     
      Olga Kraght                     BAOC        DNF  
      Kenneth Karcher                 CTOC        DNF  
      Masha Konkov                    BAOC        DNF  
Green Course  (5.8 km, 275 m climb, 18 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Tapio Karras                    BAOC      1:21:10   
   2  Miguel Clark                    BAOC      1:26:25
   3  Werner Haag                     BAOC      1:29:33
   4  Marie-Josée Parayre             BAOC      1:38:09
   5  Matthias Kohler                 BAOC      1:38:30
   6  Steve Smith                     BAOC      1:44:54
   7  Derek Maclean                   BAOC      1:46:26
   8  Mark Peterson                   BAOC      1:48:21
   9  Anna Voegele                    Truckee   1:48:57
  10  Kent Ohlund                     BAOC      1:49:06
  11  Nik Weber                       GCO       1:50:04
  12  Johanna Merriss                 BAOC      1:58:31
  13  Katie Petersen                  BAOC      2:08:22
  14  Nadja Rutz                      BAOC      2:11:36
  15  Ole Bergset                     CTOC      2:16:53
  16  Michael Kleyman                 Hasharo   2:37:24
  17  Russ Pilcher                    CTOC      2:41:36
  18  Steve Duke                      GCO       2:41:52
      Pete Olsten                     BAOC        DNF     
      Marina Keating                  BAOC        DNF  
      Julia Doubsen                   BAOC        DNF  
Red Course  (7.7 km, 320 m climb, 22 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Carol Walker                    Truckee   1:59:20   
   2  Paul Carson                     Truckee   1:59:53
   3  Gavin Williams                  BAOC      2:11:27
   4  Stephen Harrison                BAOC      2:45:19
   5  Damian Swift                    BAOC      2:50:51
   6  Theo Verhoeven                  BAOC      3:06:19
   7  Luc Poppe                       BAOC      3:07:51
      Barbara Bomfim                  GCO         DNF     
      Sam Coradetti                               DNF  
      Lori Huberman                   BAOC        DNF  
      Holly Gaston                    BAOC        DNF  
      Lubomir Šebo                    BAOC        DNF  
      Fyodor Konkov                   BAOC        DNF  
Blue Course  (9.6 km, 370 m climb, 27 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  François Léonard                BAOC      1:41:50   
   2  Mikkel Conradi                  BAOC      1:42:27
   3  Urtzi Iglesias                  GCO       1:43:54
   4  Greg Walker                     CSU       1:48:08
   5  Matej Šebo                      BAOC      1:55:29
   6  Joe Maffei                      BAOC      3:23:01
      Ryan Madison                                DNF     
      Nikolay Chukanov                BAOC        DNF  

Sunday Courses

White Course   Yellow Course   Orange Course   Brown Course   Green Course   Red Course   Blue Course

Also see control-by-control timing in the Sunday WinSplits results (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget. (Use of RouteGadget is explained here. RouteGadget for this event is here (

White Course  (2.2 km, 50 m climb, 10 controls)
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Sarah Harrison                  BAOC        33:17   
   2  Rodemich family                             36:46
   3  Kate Tennant                    BAOC        37:30
   4  Amy & Mich Giles                            47:16
   5  Allison Wemmer                  GCO         48:35
   6  James family                                50:31
   7  Tim LIbell                      GCO         59:25
Yellow Course  (2.3 km, 60 m climb, 9 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Johanna Karras                  BAOC        22:35   
   2  Jamie Maclean                   BAOC        32:36
   3  Kristen Webber                  GCO         39:59
   4  Trisa & BJ Pierce, Bob Ruffner              42:36
   5  Pia Sanda                                   46:05
   6  James family                                49:01
   7  Judy Koehler                    BAOC        57:52
   8  Art & Mae Livingston                        58:02
   9  Thompson family                           1:58:10
  10  Paul Barnes, Rosemary Wu                  2:02:33
      Hazel, Grace, & Kathleen                            
        Freel Walker                  BAOC        DNF  
  Second Course
      Sarah Bobek                     BAOC        50:35   
Orange Course  (5.4 km, 120 m climb, 10 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Fillan Swift                    BAOC      1:00:40   
   2  Bill Voegele                    BAOC      1:10:37
   3  Bryan Gaston                    BAOC      1:46:35
   4  Daniel Šebo                     BAOC      1:47:23
   5  Jenner Tresan                             1:49:22
   6  Shasta, Colombe, & Collette               1:58:19
   7  Sherry Timmerman                Truckee   2:20:07
   8  Trisa & BJ Pierce, Bob Ruffner            2:46:28
      Sarah Bobek                     BAOC        DNF     
      Cedrik Zemitis                              DNF  
  Second Course
      Amy & Mich Giles                            DNF     
Brown Course  (3.8 km, 60 m climb, 8 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Sam Coradetti                               40:32   
   2  Lori Huberman                   BAOC        49:26
   3  George Minarik                  BAOC      1:04:00
   4  Vicki Woolworth                 BAOC      1:05:11
   5  Janet Petersen                  BAOC      1:05:32
   6  Russ Pilcher                    CTOC      1:05:46
   7  Leslie Minarik                  BAOC      1:15:21
   8  Joe Walker                      BAOC      1:26:41
   9  Dave & Elizabeth Best                     1:30:05
  10  Sarah Petersen                  BAOC      1:34:30
  11  Marsha Jacobs                   BAOC      1:35:51
  12  Sarah Williams                  BAOC      1:38:15
  13  Masha Konkov                    BAOC      1:40:39
  14  Judy Opsahl                     BAOC      1:42:36
  15  Dick Opsahl                     BAOC      1:44:38
  16  Jennifer Kerr                   GCO       1:53:32
  17  Olga Kraght                     BAOC      2:00:42
  18  Rosemary Johnson                BAOC      2:13:54
  19  Scott Donald                    KOC       2:27:14
  20  Shirley Donald                  KOC       2:27:16
  21  Tennant & Walsh                 BAOC      2:27:37
  22  Vic Revenko                     BAOC      3:00:30
  23  Kenneth Karcher                 CTOC      3:22:18
  24  Jerry Stewart                   CTOC      3:26:04
  Second Course
      Fillan Swift                    BAOC        44:55   
Green Course  (5.6 km, 115 m climb, 10 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Tapio Karras                    BAOC        52:54   
   2  Nadja Rutz                      BAOC        57:55
   3  Holly Gaston                    BAOC        58:01
   4  Derek Maclean                   BAOC      1:02:21
   5  Matthias Kohler                 BAOC      1:02:24
   6  Kent Ohlund                     BAOC      1:03:31
   7  Werner Haag                     BAOC      1:03:35
   8  Marie-Josée Parayre             BAOC      1:06:48
   9  Chuck Spalding                  BAOC      1:07:46
  10  Steve Smith                     BAOC      1:11:00
  11  Gary Kraght                     BAOC      1:11:21
  12  Katie Petersen                  BAOC      1:12:27
  13  Dan Greene                      BAOC      1:13:32
  14  Mark Petersen                   BAOC      1:19:52
  15  Jiulia Doubson                  BAOC      1:20:01
  16  Gary Carpenter                  BAOC      1:23:26
  17  Johanna Merriss                 BAOC      1:24:25
  18  Steve Duke                      GCO       1:26:09
  19  Stephanie Maclean               BAOC      1:26:42
  20  Jeff Lanam                      BAOC      2:04:22
  21  Carol Lyda                      Truckee   2:04:30
  22  Marina Keating                  BAOC      2:20:58
Red Course  (7.4 km, 170 m climb, 15 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Miguel Clark                    BAOC      1:09:31   
   2  Gavin Williams                  BAOC      1:22:11
   3  Blake Tresan                              1:22:47
   4  Jonas Libell                    GCO       1:23:49
   5  Paul Carson                     BAOC      1:25:04
   6  Lubomir Šebo                    BAOC      1:28:49
   7  Carol Walker                    Truckee   1:30:03
   8  Stephen Harrison                BAOC      1:31:48
   9  Ole Bergset                     CTOC      1:38:26
  10  Nikolay Chukanov                BAOC      1:39:43
  11  Barbara Bomfim                  GCO       1:42:22
  12  Damian Swift                    BAOC      1:54:13
  13  Fyodor Konkov                   BAOC      1:54:55
  14  Luc Poppe                       BAOC      2:06:50
  15  Theo Verhoeven                  BAOC      2:11:58
Blue Course  (9.1 km, 200 m climb, 20 controls)   
  Pl  Name                            Club        Time
   1  Matej Šebo                      BAOC      1:11:15   
   2  François Léonard                BAOC      1:14:12
   3  Urtzi Iglesias                  GCO       1:19:45
   4  Mikkel Conradi                  BAOC      1:21:22
   5  Greg Walker                     CSU       1:30:52
   6  Joe Maffei                      BAOC      2:40:09


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)