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Bon Tempe Reservoir

Date: Jan. 21 - 22, 2023
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Director: - 415.456.8118
Course Setters: Heidi Cusworth (NAV-X), Bill Cusworth (NAV-X)
Type: C; As in the past, limited participation (only for club members) on Saturday or Sunday; PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED; NO BEGINNER OR INTERMEDIATE COURSE; same advanced-level courses both days

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Event Write-Up

By , Event Director

What a great weekend for orienteering! The first dry weekend of the new year, blessed with clear skies and cool temperatures, great for participants and work crew as well!

Saturday started out with temps in the 30’s and frost covering everything, but warmed up quickly into the 50’s by the time the start window opened. Sunday was about 10 degrees warmer, with both days filled with glorious sunshine.

Heidi Cusworth designed the courses, while husband Bill Cusworth updated the map and hung all the controls. The courses gave a fine tour of all the terrain the map has to offer​—​rolling oak-covered hillsides, open meadows, and dark, dense redwood forest. All three courses ventured onto the “Hillside of Death”, but no casualties resulted, thanks no doubt to Bill’s great mapping advances there.

While it was too early for wildflowers, the wildlife showed up with abandon, with more deer and turkey sightings than I can ever remember. With all the recent rain, the lakes were overflowing, while every small reentrant turned into a small creek, and flat areas became marshes.

The courses challenged competitors, resulting in some long finishing times and multiple DNFs, but all commented that the controls were well placed and most legs offered multiple route choices. This was a great event to start the year, and for participants to begin to tune up and get the rust out before the upcoming Cal-O-Fest this summer!

The event ran very smoothly, with really no issues at all. This wouldn’t happen without the great help of the people who volunteered.

First of course, is the team of Heidi and Bill Cusworth. Heidi as the course setter, Bill as the mapper and the setter of all the controls. Bill also got our maps printed, using a firm in Santa Rosa that also printed our Spring Lake maps. The quality of the printing was great, and their pricing was very reasonable.

James Roney helped greatly with collecting equipment before the event, and finding us the company to print the maps.

Jeff Lanam provided the E-punch gear, and made sure I was up to snuff on how it all worked.

Sabrina Gonzales of the Water District was very helpful and accommodating with the permitting process, and even raised our daily participant limit when I asked her.

Lastly, an Event Director is always indebted and very grateful to those willing to go out at the end, and collect the controls on Sunday. Greg Khanlarov, Vicki Woolworth, Bill Cusworth, Steve Gregg, and Tapio Karras made life easy for me, and the last of us were able to leave the park by 3 PM.

Thanks to everyone for a successful event!


Bon Tempe Reservoir

Fairfax, CA
Saturday & Sunday, January 21 & 22, 2023

Brown Course   Green Course   Red/Blue Course

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget for this event ( (Use of RouteGadget is explained here.)

Brown Course             (3.9 km, 175 m climb, 13 controls)  
                                                 Time      Time          
   Pl  Name                   Club      Time    Behind     Lost    Day
    1  Dennis Wildfogel       BAOC    1:01:04              3:45    Sunday  
    2  Chuck Spalding         BAOC    1:08:06     7:02     6:18    Sunday
    3  Stephen Haas           BAOC    1:15:51    14:47     9:26    Sunday
    4  George Minarik         BAOC    1:27:22    26:18     7:57    Sunday
    5  Johanna Merriss        BAOC    1:35:31    34:27    15:55    Sunday
    6  Nick Corsano           BAOC    1:43:03    41:59    22:11    Sunday
    7  Vicki Woolworth        NAVX    1:44:10    43:06    28:40    Sunday
    8  Olga Kraght            BAOC    1:48:46    47:42    20:38    Saturday
    9  Zander Rosenzweig      BAOC    2:04:14    63:10    29:59    Sunday
   10  Fedyk Family           BAOC    2:09:48    68:44    24:12    Saturday
   11  Evan Custer            BAOC    2:17:50    76:46    16:47    Sunday
   12  Rosemary Johnson       BAOC    2:57:39   116:35    42:43    Saturday
       D/J/R Freund                     DNF                        Sunday  
       Jeff Lanam             BAOC      DNF                        Sunday
       Nancy Lindeman         BAOC      DNF                        Saturday
       Oliver Conradi         BAOC      DNF                        Saturday
       Penny DeMoss           BAOC      DNF                        Sunday
       Sarah Williams         BAOC      DNF                        Saturday

Green Course             (5.7 km, 290 m climb, 19 controls)  
                                                 Time      Time          
   Pl  Name                   Club      Time    Behind     Lost    Day
    1  Tapio Karras           BAOC    1:18:18              3:11    Sunday  
    2  Steve Gregg            BAOC    1:21:27     3:09     2:52    Sunday
    3  Rahel Schneider        BAOC    1:22:27     4:09      :00    Sunday
    4  Derek Maclean          BAOC    1:44:11    25:53     7:37    Sunday
    5  Eric Rosenzweig        BAOC    1:45:09    26:51    11:31    Sunday
    6  Stephanie Maclean      BAOC    2:08:20    50:02    21:26    Sunday
    7  Laurel Larsen          BAOC    2:12:40    54:22    18:54    Saturday
    8  James Roney            BAOC    2:15:33    57:15    15:25    Saturday
       Alex Newcomer          BAOC      MSP                        Saturday  
       Gfit                   BAOC      DNF                        Sunday
       Leif Kirshenbaum       BAOC      DNF                        Saturday
       Rhonda Stieber         BAOC      DNF                        Sunday
       Sebastien Schneider    BAOC      DNF                        Sunday

Red/Blue Course          (8.3 km, 425 m climb, 26 controls)  
                                                 Time      Time          
   Pl  Name                   Club      Time    Behind     Lost    Day
    1  Erin Schirm            BAOC    1:24:51              0:51    Sunday  
    2  Mikkel Conradi         BAOC    1:25:42     0:51     0:00    Saturday
    3  Greg Khanlarov         BAOC    1:42:42    17:51     3:03    Sunday
    4  Wayne Staats           BAOC    1:53:52    29:01    12:29    Saturday
    5  Graham Brew            BAOC    1:58:16    33:25     8:06    Saturday
    6  Andrej Masalkov        BAOC    2:16:38    51:47     9:40    Saturday
    7  Rex Winterbottom       BAOC    2:18:34    53:43    16:31    Saturday
    8  Tom De Vre             BAOC    2:26:44    61:53    18:43    Sunday
    9  Gavin Wyatt-Mair       BAOC    2:52:04    87:13    15:05    Sunday
   10  Theo Verhoeven         BAOC    3:04:22    99:31    24:08    Sunday
       Greg Callas            BAOC      DNF                        Saturday  
       John Richardson        BAOC      DNF                        Saturday


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)